Strawberry Planters to Try

Strawberry season is upon us! Mouth waters just thinking about those plump and juicy heavenly fruits.

Strawberries are one of the earlier fruits, great to plant in March and April. Even folks without much garden space will often plant strawberries and tomatoes. Whether you have land for a garden, or just a patio or deck, planters can be a great way to enjoy easy access to plucking those luscious and delicious red jewels.

What Kind of Strawberry Planter are You Using?

There are so many options, but we thought these were cool. You can use them for Strawberry Planters, and of course for other plants too. Some are elegant to buy or make, others are super simple somethings you can do in under an hour.

Please let us know your favorites… what you’re using or what you’re going to try. You can send us an email or post on Facebook.

5 Great Planters for Strawberries


Make it or buy it… first up is a vertical pyramid planter. There are several versions out there, such as this Plant Pyramid Level 5, by Smart Cart Enterprises on Amazon. We priced and review shopped for you, and this looks like the best ready-made option.

If you want to make your own, you may enjoy another article on this topic that includes a DIY video, which we’ll also link at the end of this article. That way you can first see all five of these planters, before checking out the DIY video.1)

Next up is a Strawberry planters from cinder blocks on page 2.

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