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So glad to connect! In our experience, gardeners are great people who love to share their knowledge and their garden bounty with those around them. We certainly do, which is why we’re glad to add you to our growing community of gardeners.

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Who We Are

We are a family of five: two baby boomer parents in our 50’s and 60’s, with two young adult “kids”, aged 19 and 21, both internationally adopted as toddlers, living near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And, a mother/grandmother.

We are the Alderson family:
Coleman Alderson, born in WV  (LeAura’s husband)
LeAura Alderson, born in AL, raised in HI (Coleman’s wife)
Devani Alderson, born in India, raised in NC  (our daughter)
Nikolai Alderson, born in Russia, raised in NC (our son)
Carol Lackey (LeAura’s 82 y/o mother, who lives next door and has gardened for years)

Alderson family, Coleman Alderson, Devani Alderson, LeAura Alderson, Nikolai Alderson
The Alderson family, Coleman Alderson, Devani Alderson with Caspian, LeAura Alderson, and Nikolai Alderson with Zoya


We homeschooled our children for most of their school years. Our daughter, Devani, now 21, has been running the social marketing aspects of our businesses for the past five years through her company, VitalMediaMarketing.com1)http://vitalmediamarketing.com/ which began as a part of a homeschooling project when she was 15.

Our son, Nikolai, is 19, and currently a primary gardener and caretaker of our property. Nikolai is developing his cooking repertoire while learning WordPress for website building, and fiction writing as a hobby with aspirations to become a novelist.

We’re delighted to be amongst you as students of gardening and self-sufficiency. We probably have more experience than some of you and much less experience than most of you, so we’re glad to be serving this community, contributing what we can, and learning together from your experience and wisdom.

We’re a family of writers, authors, aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and product developers, running and growing our family enterprise. We’ve gardened, invested in real estate and developed and built properties in NC, WV and in Costa Rica.

Where we live now in NC, zone 7, is mostly woods, so not conducive to much of a garden plot. However, we’re steadily expanding our garden plots and patches while enjoying trying new methods. This year it’s Straw Bale Gardening,2)https://gardensall.com/straw-bale-gardening-benefits-hacks-and-how-to/ more Square Foot Gardening3)https://gardensall.com/square-foot-gardening-benefits-and-how-to/, and Hugelkultur4)https://gardensall.com/the-ultimate-raised-bed-hugelkultur/, amongst other experiments we’re writing about.

We have a rental cabin on 50 acres in the Piedmont (foothills) of North Carolina, site of our future off-the-grid homestead with plans for gardening, greenhouses, edible landscaping, and passive solar tied in with a wood-burning water stove. We currently have blueberries5)https://gardensall.com/3-easy-steps-to-healthier-blueberries-and-increased-production/ planted up there along with nut and fruit trees, with lots more planned. Right now our soil quality isn’t great, so we’ll be addressing that over the winter, and as we’ve shared about in articles here.6)https://gardensall.com/is-pine-needle-mulch-good-for-your-plants/

Pilots Peak Cabin Retreat, cabin rentals in Pilot Mt NC,
Growing blueberries at Pilot’s Peak Cabin Retreat

One of our dreams is to develop a plot of land into 2-10 acre off-the-grid, turn-key sustainable cabin homesteads focused on gardening, edible landscaping and self-sufficiency in our area of North Carolina. If you have any interest in a project like this, or creating one yourself, let’s talk and see what we can learn from each other and together.

Like us, it’s all a work in progress, and we’re really glad to be on this journey with so many like-minded folks in this GardensAll community. We purchased this GardensAll website from its founder, Pat Porter, and have since removed the clickbait ad networks that served to generate the revenue to sustain this site. We don’t like the tabloid kind of clickbait ads and don’t want to fill these pages with it.

Instead, our goal is to affiliate with companies and products we know of or use and feel confident recommending. We do have Google Adsense ads that helps keep the lights on here. We’re also an Amazon affiliate so that we can link to related products that will help you find what you need, and for which we may receive a small commission. We know you understand that these help to sustain sites like GardensAll.com, where we seek to bring you quality, substantive and well researched information for free, without the spammy, intrusive ads posing as articles.

If you see any errors, mistakes, incorrect information or anything else objectionable, please let us know. More eyes make it all better. Similarly, if you have a positive or negative experience with any product, technique or program cited on this site, please let us know your experience so that we may add it to the article, or take action accordingly.

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Gardeners are all about growth.

Here’s to all gardens and all gardeners from GardensAll.com

Happy Gardening and Planning! We’re looking forward to sharing this growing journey!

Coleman, LeAura, Devani and Nikolai Alderson

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