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Greetings Gardeners!

So glad to connect! In our experience, gardeners are great people who love to share their knowledge and their garden bounty with those around them. We certainly do, which is why we’re glad to add you to our growing community of gardeners.

“The world needs more real experience from real folks doing real things. The world needs your wisdom.” GardensAll

About GardensAll and Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Like us, GardensAll is a work in progress and we’re really glad to be on this journey with so many like-minded folks in this GardensAll community.

We’re on a Mission

  • “To empower the individual.”
  • “To strengthen families.”
  • “To place the power with the people.”

Our Goals with GardensAll:

  • “To be of the people for the people.”
  • “To be all about gardening from gardeners.”
  • “To encourage, serve and empower gardeners to grow more and better.”
  • “To be your garden gathering place, where [virtual] neighbors help neighbors.”

Let us know what you need… what you’d like to see more of and how else we may serve you.

If you like to write and share—even if you’re not a writer—we’d love to publish your photos, experience, recipes… anything you’d like to share related to gardening, harvesting, herbs, etc.!

“Real gardeners sharing real experience.”

~ Your garden gathering place.”

garden meme
GardenAll and Planting For Retirement Mission

Interested in Writing for GardensAll.com?

If you’re a writer or aspiring writer, actively gardening or with an interest in gardening, and you’d like to write for GardensAll.com, please send an email. Please include links to some of your published articles, or samples of your work if you’re not yet a published writer.

Not a Writer But Want to Share Your Story?

If you’re a gardener or homesteader, and/or someone earning a living through gardening, farming or homesteading, and would like to share your story, please send an email with a brief bio (casual is fine) on who you are and what you’re doing. We love to share stories from the GardensAll audience of people who are actively doing related work and projects.


If You Want to Know More About Who We Are

We are a family of five: two baby boomer parents in our 60’s, with two young adult “kids”, aged 24 and 22, both internationally adopted as toddlers, living near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our “5” includes a mother/grandmother who lives next door.

We are the Alderson family:

  • Coleman Alderson, born and raised in WV  (LeAura’s husband)
  • LeAura Alderson, born in AL, raised in HI (Coleman’s wife)
  • Devani Alderson, adopted from India at age 3, US citizen-raised in NC  (our daughter)
  • Nikolai Alderson, adopted from Russian at age 2, US citizen-raised in NC (our son)
  • Carol Lackey (LeAura’s 84 y/o mother, who lives next door and gardened for years)
Alderson family, Coleman Alderson, Devani Alderson, LeAura Alderson, Nikolai Alderson
The Alderson family, Coleman Alderson, Devani Alderson with Caspian, LeAura Alderson, and Nikolai Alderson with Zoya


We homeschooled our children for most of their school years. Our daughter, Devani, has been running the social marketing aspects of our businesses through her company, VitalMediaMarketing.com[1]https://vitalmediamarketing.com/ which began as a part of a homeschooling education project when she was 15.

Our son, Nikolai, is currently a co-gardener and caretaker of our property. Nikolai is developing his cooking and household management skills, is learning how to grow a website about his dog, Labrottie.com, and enjoys fiction writing as a hobby with aspirations to become a novelist. Nikolai’s also works for FedEx.

We’re delighted to be amongst you as students of gardening and self-sufficiency. We probably have more experience than some of you and much less experience than others of you, so we’re glad to be serving this community, contributing what we can, and learning together from your experience and wisdom.

We’re a family of writers, authors, aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and product developers, running and growing our family enterprise. We’ve gardened, invested in real estate and developed and built properties in NC, WV and in Costa Rica.

Where we live now in NC, zone 7, is mostly woods, so not conducive to much of a garden plot. However, we’re steadily expanding our garden plots and patches while enjoying trying new methods. This year it’s Straw Bale Gardening,[2]https://gardensall.com/straw-bale-gardening-benefits-hacks-and-how-to/ more Square Foot Gardening[3]https://gardensall.com/square-foot-gardening-benefits-and-how-to/ , and Hugelkultur[4]https://gardensall.com/the-ultimate-raised-bed-hugelkultur/ , amongst other experiments we’re writing about.

We have a rental cabin on 50 acres in the Piedmont (foothills) of North Carolina, site of our future off-the-grid homestead with plans for gardening, greenhouses, edible landscaping, and passive solar tied in with a wood-burning water stove. We currently have blueberries[5]https://gardensall.com/3-easy-steps-to-healthier-blueberries-and-increased-production/ planted up there along with nut and fruit trees, with lots more planned. Right now our soil quality isn’t great, so we’ll be addressing that over the winter, and as we’ve shared about in articles here.[6]https://gardensall.com/is-pine-needle-mulch-good-for-your-plants/

Pilots Peak Cabin Retreat, cabin rentals in Pilot Mt NC,
Growing blueberries at Pilot’s Peak Cabin Retreat

One of our dreams is to develop a plot of land into 2-10 acre off-the-grid, turn-key sustainable cabin homesteads focused on gardening, edible landscaping and self-sufficiency in our area of North Carolina. If you have any interest in a project like this, or creating one yourself, let’s talk and see what we can learn from each other and together.


Like us, GardensAll is all a work in progress. and we’re really glad to be on this journey with so many like-minded folks in this GardensAll community.

“To empower the individual.”
“To strengthen families.”
“To place the power with the people.”

Here’s the thing: in today’s online world, there’s a LOT of great info “out there”… and a lot of junk, shallow, inaccurate information written by writers who are not actually doing the work of the thing they’re writing about.

We’ve learned all about the “website industry” and have discovered more than we ever knew (or wanted to know) about how deep this derivative work goes. It turns out that we bought a site that had over 1,000 articles, many of which had to be deleted! ?

We had to remove the majority of those because they were curated from other sites, many of whom had curated them from other sites. Sometimes that chain of derivatives goes back several times before finding the source and most of those were poorly written, of little value and/or not even accurate. Lesson learned… we should’ve done better due diligence. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. Meanwhile, what we’ve learned has fueled our mission.

We’re all for research for learning and sometimes writing from that perspective to share what we’re learning. We have to do this sometimes too, and as we learn about something we want to share it with you. Like our research on air fryers. A friend has one, raves about it so we’re sharing our research on it as we look into getting one for ourselves and as a possible Christmas gift for our mom (sshhh ?). We’re also in favor of folks finding ways to earn money online. Our own approach is harder in that regard as we’re not doing what others are doing. We’re trying to make a go of it by creating the kind of reader experience we would also enjoy. We’ve always followed our heart and principles in these things… over the “smart” approach used by the majority. We’re not at all against profit and capitalism. We just have to feel good about the method of arriving at that.

If you’ve ever been annoyed and frustrated with the proliferation of ads and spammy clickbait on other websites… the double underlined text words that lead to things completely unrelated to the article topic… the videos that auto-play and can’t be found to be turned off… well those sites have to do that for survival. They have staff to pay and that’s how they do it. Our way is not the way to wealth because all those annoying clickbait things pay so much more than the few ads we place. We spend a lot of time researching and placing the Amazon links to specific products where relevant to help you find things that might be useful. So while their way does more than pay the bills it doesn’t represent our values.

There’s also a huge segment of websites that are created to earn money using all the latest marketing tactics in addition to the above mentioned ads. They have paid writers, the majority of whom are not actually doing what it is they’re writing about. These site owners decide to create sites in a niche that has monetization potential. Sometimes it’s in an area of interest, but that’s less common. Probably something like the 80/20 rule.

So again, we’re not against those folks earning a living. It’s still honest work. But we see in this GardensAll community a vast wealth of knowledge and experience from folks in the garden… doing the real thing. That’s what the world needs more of real experience from real folks doing real things: your wisdom!


  • “Be of the people for the people.”
  • “Be all about gardening from gardeners.”
  • “Encourage, serve and empower gardeners to grow more and better.”
  • “Be your garden gathering place, where [virtual] neighbors help neighbors.”

Let us know what you need… what you’d like to see more of and how else we may serve you, and if you like to write and share… let us know!

– The Gardens All Team


Instead, our goal is to affiliate with companies and products we know of or use and feel confident recommending. We do have Google Adsense ads that helps keep the lights on here. We’re also an Amazon affiliate so that we can link to related products that will help you find what you need, and for which we may receive a small commission. We know you understand that these help to sustain sites like GardensAll.com, where we seek to bring you quality, substantive and well researched information for free, without the spammy, intrusive ads posing as articles.

If you see any errors, mistakes, incorrect information or anything else objectionable, please let us know. More eyes make it all better. Similarly, if you have a positive or negative experience with any product, technique or program cited on this site, please let us know your experience so that we may add it to the article, or take action accordingly.

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We may also occasionally, ask for your opinions or advice, so that we can better serve you and also learn from you, but we will never sell your information or engage in any spammy marketing practices. We don’t like that and guessing you don’t as well.

Thank you for visiting… we hope you’ll come again!

Gardeners are all about growth.

Here’s to all gardens and all gardeners from GardensAll.com

Happy Gardening and Planning! We’re looking forward to sharing this growing journey!

Coleman, LeAura, Devani and Nikolai Alderson

Want More info…?

If you’ve read this far and you want to know even more, first, THANKS for your interest. And… here ya go!

“Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.”
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr., American author, Life’s Little Instruction Book

Have you wondered about us…?

Recently, a YouTube commenter said something about our son, Nikolai’s, appearance being different. It’s natural to notice and wonder about seeming incongruencies.

I mean… our family assortment is colorful! And while it’s normal to us, others may wonder. So in case you’re interested…

Today’s “snippet” is longer, but it’s a snapshot on the Alderson’s:


Coleman Alderson’s Bio

Coleman was born and raised in West Virginia, Montani Semper Liberi, on 7/30/53.

G. Coleman Alderson is an entrepreneur, land manager, investor, gardener, and author of the novel, Mountain Whispers: Days Without Sun. Coleman holds an MS from Penn State where his thesis centered on horticulture, park planning, design, and maintenance. He’s a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and a licensed building contractor for 27 years. “But nothing surpasses my 40 years of lessons from the field and garden. And in the garden, as in life, it’s always interesting because those lessons never end!” Coleman Alderson

LeAura Alderson’s Bio

LeAura (pronounced Lay-OR-a), was born in Alabama on 4/6/59 and raised in Hawaii. 
Aloha nui loa!  

I’m LeAura Alderson, entrepreneur, ideator, media publisher, writer and editor of GardensAll.com. Pursuits in recent years have been more planting seeds of ideas for business growth more than gardening. However, I’ve always been interested in medicinal herbs and getting nutrition and healing from food over pharmacy. As a family we’re eager to dig more deeply into gardening and edible landscape for the love of fresh organic foods and self sustainability. We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the creative ingenuity of the GardensAll community.

Coleman and LeAura were married on Coleman’s 35th birthday on 7/30/88. Now that LeAura has turned 60, we’ve been married exactly half of LeAura’s life. 🙂

When we married, Coleman sold his home in Asheville, NC and moved into LeAura’s in the Piedmont of NC, along with approximately 125 trees, shrubs and plants that he just couldn’t leave behind! :😄

the aldersons,
LeAura and Coleman Alderson, owners, GardensAll.com

DEVANI – our daughter:

Devani (pronounced Day-VAH-nee) was born in India on 2/17/95. Coleman and LeAura were there on a service trip with four teens, and ended up living and volunteering at an orphanage where we cared for her for the first 5 weeks of her life.

In our sixth year of marriage without biological children of our own, for no known reason, there we were volunteering at an orphanage. When we decided to pursue adopting Devani we were told, we could bring her home with us. Instead, it took three years to get her home.

If Devani were still in India living in the village of her birth mother, her life would be a world different than anything she now knows. Chances are she would’ve been married off before age 18, with several children. She would likely be carrying water on her head from a community well, and cooking on an open fire on the ground outside.

It’s a long story, but should you be interested in reading more, LeAura wrote about that here in one of the first websites she created.

adopted from India
Devani Alderson at age 3, already loving cooking!

NIKOLAI – our son:

Nikolai was born in Russia, and we found him online. 😊

All three of us went to Russia to bring him home 6 months later (and two years after we landed in the US with Devani). Nikolai touched American soil as a two-year old, on April 4th, of 1999. He’s 22 now, born 1/29/97.

If Nikolai were still in Russia, he may or may not still be alive. He’s a Native Russian, the Russian equivalent of our Native American Indians.

He’s from isolated areas of the Magadan region of Russia, where it’s so frozen, that it’s only accessible by snowmobiles or helicopters half the year. His tribe are called Koryaks and are nomadic reindeer herdsman.

Nikolai’s birth mom took him to the local children’s hospital to be cared for until her health improved.

She never returned. Instead, she died at age 24.

Life is very, very hard there, with little hope for more, especially for the Natives. Nikolai was malnourished with rickets, amongst other challenges, but fortunate to be cared for in that children’s home. And we continued to nourish him back to health once he was home with us.

Adopted from Russia
Nikolai Alderson, age 3… home and healthy!


Fortunately, both Devani and Nikolai tend to have a solid understanding of the value of their privilege to be American citizens.

Collectively, we are all so grateful for each other, for family, and the privileges we enjoy each day, such as the freedom to:

  • Live free
  • Grow food, herbs and plants, tend land and create beauty
  • Pursue creative endeavors each day
  • Work together growing our family enterprise
  • Support each other in our individual interests
  • Learn and grow into better versions of ourselves
  • Contribute, support and encourage others in our communities

We are also, so grateful for you!


We’re building a virtual gardening community, so please let us know more about you too if you care to. We’d love to get to know you.

Our goal is to grow while helping others do the same.

We’re all about growing gardens, business, beauty, abundance, creativity, goodness and positivity.

Come on folks… let’s grow great gardens!

The Aldersons for GardensAll.com

THE ALDERSONS: Coleman, Devani, LeAura & Nikolai Alderson.
PETS: (pets in arms): Caspian-Maltese, Mystique-rescued feral cat; (pets on ground) Zoya-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Zeus-rescued labrottie

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