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Garden Newsletter: Humble Gardener, Lessons, and Butterfly Plants
In the Garden I warned them. Told them straight up. If you guys don’t put on some pumpkins, you’re outta
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Garden Newsletter July 1: Powdery Mildew Treatment and Squash Vine Borer Control
Playing Catch up with Squash Vine Borer Control Sometimes with gardening, there’s the relatively steady ebb and flow. Daily, we
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You can shade with home made devices as well. We’ve used old window screens still in the frame and fiberglass screen right off the roll. Allow enough space below for air to circulate. A good thick layer of mulch around the plants will help-we prefer wood chips or straw. Planting certain crops where they'll receive partial shade naturally works too.
Garden Newsletter: Is It Too Late to Plant in June?
Is It Too Late to Plant in June? Not by our reckoning or that of our Garden Planner app.  We’ve
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Gardening Newsletter: Gardening with Nature in Mind
Greetings Garden Friends! Part of this week was spent in NYC, so away from the garden. Thankfully, it rained nearly
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