Every Day is Earth Day

For gardeners and nature lovers, every day is earth day. One of the things we appreciate about gardeners is that most tend to be pragmatic, frugal and well acquainted with common sense. Something about working with the earth and wisdom of nature does that. To gardeners, every day is earth day. But more than that, … Read more

Dwarf Fruit Trees for Your Backyard Orchard

You may be surprised to discover how many trees you can grow in a small backyard with dwarf fruit trees, columnar varieties, espalier trees and just by the way you prune the tree. With some of these new dwarf varieties you don’t even have to wait for years to see any fruit. Some dwarf fruit … Read more

Ruth Stout and No Till Gardening Without Work

Ruth Stout in Hat

Amongst the most popular articles on GardensAll are the articles on Ruth Stout, mother of the no till gardening method. When we asked the Gardens All Facebook community what they loved most about Ruth, here’s what they said: “I love her attitude and independent spirit.” “That she didn’t do anything she didn’t want to, and believed … Read more

Sambucus Canadensis and Sambucus Nigra, the Edible Elderberries

A.K.A. American Elderberry and Black Elderberry. These common elderberries are the best edible elderberry species. Elderberry plants are both ornamental and functional. It’s no wonder that nurseries are cultivating patented and increasingly beautiful versions of this amazing wild shrub. In this article we’re focusing on common elderberry as it is the most functional and beneficial … Read more

Seed Saving Tips and Which Seeds to Save

Seed Saving

The Art of Seed Saving Seeds are like gems in the hands of a gardener. Have you ever inherited garden seeds? Carefully opened a packet of seeds placed reverently in your hands by a family member or friend? Some gardens seeds are actually considered family heirlooms carefully selected for their superior qualities, and are passed down … Read more