Harvesting Instead of Mowing

Convert your front lawn into a gardenscape. No more mowing… instead, you can harvest bounties of fresh garden vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits!

Who decided that grass should be the “standard” house front? Sure, an expanse of fresh mown green lawn is beautiful, and who doesn’t love walking barefoot in the grass? But in the end, that expanse of land requires time, energy and money to maintain while giving only aesthetic pleasure in return.

You can’t eat grass, and some people are even allergic to it! So instead of time spent mowing, you can be tending garden plants that save money by producing food for your family. Instead of watering grass that needs mowing again each week, you can water edible plants that give sustenance and save money while adding beauty to your yard and neighborhood.

A couple years ago I was in Portland, Oregon with my family. Portland is a beautiful green city, with luscious gardens and abundant trees and flowers. We drove and strolled through neighborhoods with front yards like award-winning magazine covers. Even then, it was mostly ornamental trees and flowers.


What if we could turn our front yards into attractive, crop producing, plots?

Instead of fighting traffic to shop for dinner after work, you can head home to enjoy fresh air while peacefully plucking vegetables… from garden to plate. If you have a family, even better, enjoy this as a family activity and time to unwind and share about your day while tending the garden and preparing dinner.1)https://gardensall.com/kids-and-gardening/


On page 2 you’ll find info on yard gardening for profit… even on less than 1/4 acre, mention of places where it’s illegal to do front yard gardens! Or, skip to page 3 for more on front yard edibles.

Cover Image Photo: Credit Rebecca Sweet.2)http://harmonyinthegarden.com/portfolio/

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