No one likes to waste food. Whether it’s extra produce you’re growing, or you want to stock up on a great sale, there are some things you can freeze that you may not have realized was an option.

Foods You Can Freeze for Months

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1. Fresh corn on the cob


Fresh corn can last the better part of a year if you get it in the freezer right away — husk and all. (I pull out the silks)

2. Avocados for guacamole


Wash and cut the avocados in half before peeling them. You can freeze the halves or peel and puree the avocado along with lemon juice and then store the mixture in a freezer for up to six months.

3. Hummus


Hummus also freezes well. Place it in a freezer container and drizzle the top of the hummus with olive oil before sealing the container. Thaw it in the refrigerator for a day; then mix well before eating.

4. Garlic and Ginger


Place crushed garlic in ice cube trays. Freeze ginger root whole and grate off what you want.

5. Eggs without shells


Crack your eggs and store them (without shells) for six to eight months in bags or in ice cube trays for use in recipes or for scrambled eggs. Just let them thaw in the fridge before using.1)

Frozen Cucumbers? Yes!

Surprisingly, you CAN freeze cucumbers. We got this first idea below by Julia Martens Fornay on HGTV.2) Their main idea was to pickle them, but we wanted also the healthiest version of fresh cucumber, so prefer the frozen option. For when the cucumber harvest is piling up and you want to preserve summer fresh goodness to have for when those vines stop producing, you may enjoy trying this method.

Frozen Cuke Cubes

Puree cucumbers with enough water to make them slightly pourable. We use an old Vitamix, which is a workhorse of blenders, and you can buy them refurbished for less. Then pour this cucumber puree into ice cube trays and freeze. After frozen solid, you can shift these to a freezer bag for storage, ready to use for months of garden fresh cucumbers added to green smoothies and also to water for a nutritious favored waters. Add a sprig of mint and a couple squirts of 100% lemon juice or lime juice and you have a gourmet glass of fancy flavored—real—vitamin water.

Frozen Sliced Cukes

For another way of freezing cucumbers, we like this slice and freeze method shared by Angi Schneider on

To freeze cucumbers, just wash, slice, put on a baking sheet and put in the freezer. I like to line a baking sheet with parchment paper to help them come off easier once they are frozen. After they are frozen you can move them to a zippered freezer bag. 

To make infused water, put cucumber slices in a pitcher of water.

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You could also use frozen cucumbers in cucumber soup3) or smoothies.4)

Editor’s Note: We like to use an infuser pitcher because it keeps the edibles out of your glass, and makes it easier to remove and add new ones. You can also use individual infuser bottles to take with you to work or on the go. Or, you may enjoy nibbling the fresh produce as you sip your infused water.

shutterstock_281291144It’s generally best to consume this water in a day or two as the fresh perishables do have a short shelf life when soaked this way. Keeping a fresh infuser pitcher is a great way to helps encourage the family to drink enough water. It’s also a whole lot cheaper than so called “Vitamin Water”, which isn’t actually healthy, because it typically contains sugar and even high fructose corn syrup. Yuk!

shutterstock_306798353For larger families or entertaining, we use this counter top urn dispenser, which we can keep chilled with ice in the urn stand for easy access all day long without having to open the fridge door. You’d be surprised how much having easy access to healthy snacks and drinks, (place a bowl of fresh fruit and raw nuts nearby too), will increase healthy snacking and decreasing junk food foraging.

My husband, Coleman, loves to snack on pistachios in the shell, so we got him this cool pistachio snacking bowl. The good thing about eating nuts in the shell is that you don’t eat as much, which is really more how nature intended. Working for the nut by shelling, burns calories and slows down consumption! ?

One other healthy tip: Keep a tray of freshly prepared veggie trays on hand, in grab-and-go in ziploc bags or single serving sized containers. The easier you can make healthy snacking the more likely you and your family will be to cultivate that habit… which is a habit for life!

Healthy snacks – a habit for LIFE!

And… back on topic, in our family we also enjoy freezing peeled, ripe bananas for a natural “popsicle” (we just eat them from a ziploc bag as a holder), and also, grapes, berries and chopped watermelon. Yep… frozen watermelon balls or chunks makes a delicious summer snack, and again, it slows down how fast the food is consumed, which is better for you and means you don’t tend to eat as much.

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