Garden Newsletter: Pruning Squash Plants and Garden Delights

Successful Squash Gardening Requires the Right Conditions If conditions permit, squash vines can yield abundance. Winter squash, if cured and stored properly, can be consumed right through the winter. Summer squash, like zucchini, can get so out of hand that your neighbors might close the blinds and lock the door when they see you coming … Read more

Garden Newsletter July 1: Powdery Mildew Treatment and Squash Vine Borer Control

Playing Catch up with Squash Vine Borer Control Sometimes with gardening, there’s the relatively steady ebb and flow. Daily, we survey our patch and sometimes discover a minor pest problem, handle it, and continue on. No big deal, right? Other times, such as this past week, it seems like playing a catch-up game of  “Whack-a … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Squash Bugs, Vine Borers and Hummingbirds

Summer Solstice Update We celebrated the passing of spring into summer and a much-needed rain by planting more tomatoes (transplants of Golden King Siberian and Potato Leaf Hillbilly), cukes (long green), and calendula flowers. There’s nothing like a good rain to welcome newly installed plantings. It also gave the garden in general a growth spurt. … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Is It Too Late to Plant in June?

You can shade with home made devices as well. We’ve used old window screens still in the frame and fiberglass screen right off the roll. Allow enough space below for air to circulate. A good thick layer of mulch around the plants will help-we prefer wood chips or straw. Planting certain crops where they'll receive partial shade naturally works too.

Is It Too Late to Plant in June? Not by our reckoning or that of our Garden Planner app.  We’ve planted beets, tomatillos, squash, flowers, peppers, eggplants, and cucamelons (Mexican Sour Gherkins). We’ve seeded arugula, okra, and red orach. Today, we’ll be planting more eggplant, cucumbers, and peppers, and seeding in lettuces under the shade … Read more

Gardening Newsletter: Gardening with Nature in Mind

Greetings Garden Friends! Part of this week was spent in NYC, so away from the garden. Thankfully, it rained nearly everyday, and the containers and rows that have yet to be lined up with drip irrigation, did fine. We just need to stay ahead of the slugs, mostly hand-picking at this stage.   Neem Oil … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Squash Vine Borers and Powdery Mildew Prevention

GardensAll Weekly Newsletter May 20, 2018 One of our biggest losses last year was that of our squash crops. We got hit double by squash vine borers and powdery mildew. It was a one-two punch, especially to our summer squash and pumpkins. This year, we are strategizing how to fend off these attackers. And here … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Edible Landscape, Heavy Rains, and Pallets

The prior two weeks had been bone dry. So, like any mindful gardener, I put in an order for rain. And it poured more than 6 inches this week with still more on it’s way over the next week! We got in some transplants in spite of the intermittent deluges. It’s always good to  plant … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Garden Arches and Irrigation Systems

This weekly update is late. We enjoyed a fine family weekend to celebrate “Mother’s Day” and relaxing away from the technology. Now we’re running to catch up and feeling a bit like Fred and Wilma in the Flintstone mobile. 😉 😃 Now that summer is basically here, we’re looking to keep our plants adequately watered and, … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Short but Intense Week in the Garden

Due to an out-of-state trip, we only had 5 partial days and a lot to do in the garden. This has been the most plants we’ve seeded and transplanted this season, so it’s been a short but intense week in the garden. One of the hardest aspects of our garden is its limited space and … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Pallet Gardens and Planting Update

Garden News – April 2018 Oh Joy! The spring season is finally opening! Did you hear that April 2018 may go down as the coldest April in the USA… ever? Amazingly, vast portions of the Northeast and northern plains saw colder conditions during the first two weeks of April than those way up in Anchorage … Read more