Getting Ready – Spring Gardening Plants and Tips

Spring gardening plants and tips.

Every gardener eagerly anticipates the spring gardening season. As the temperature starts to rise, and mild days lure us outdoors, we ditch the indoors and get busy outside at the first warmer day. The promise of spring quickens our pulse, eager to get out there and plant something. With new life bursting forth in vibrant … Read more


Fall Garden Maintenance and Tips

Garden Newsletter September is when we focus on fall garden maintenance and plant our fall/winter crops in zone 7a. So fall garden maintenance and tips is the theme here. Season transitions always have their challenges because you can still have temperature swings that leave crops vulnerable. Here in central North Carolina, “Indian Summer” temps can … Read more


Garden Newsletter: Owl Bird Deterrent, Tomatoes, Seed Reviews

In The Garden This week is another short one due to travels. I serve as an investment coach once a month or so, usually in Atlanta, so away from the garden for a few. The them for us this week is back to basics. If you didn’t see our previous newsletter after much crop lost, … Read more


Frost Covers for Plants to Extend Your Growing Season

We’re thrilled to have been able to grow year round, simply by using frost covers for plants! Also called row covers and frost blankets, these plant covers absolutely work to extend your growing season, both in spring, fall and winter. If you’re in the colder more snowy growing zones with lots of snow, this may … Read more


In the Garden Newsletter: Hummingbird Food, Storing Seeds, and More Rain!

In Our Garden Another week of deluge! Somebody special must be doing a rain dance marathon. We live on a hill above a creek and a bog and with the flooding in our area, it looks like a big lake down the hill. We always wanted a lakefront property and, at least for a day … Read more


Battling the Bad Beetles

battling beetles, Japanese beetles

The First Week of July The hotter days of July have ushered in two types of marauders: Japanese Beetles and Mexican Bean Beetles. Bad beetles. Even though we’ve been very diligent with spraying the protectant kaolin clay (Surround WP), the beetle hordes have persisted.  Organic Pest Control for Bad Beetles Spinosad for Japanese Beetles We’re … Read more


Garden disPATCH for a Soaking Wet June

This was a short week in the garden for a couple reasons. Coleman left on Thursday for a long weekend in Atlanta helping coach a weekend investment seminar. Also, with so many rain storms passing by, gardening has been sporadic. We’re so grateful not to concern ourselves with watering. Just turn off the irrigation hose … Read more


Garden News for Early June in Zone 7a

From sweltering heat to 2″ of cool rain, wonderful rains arrived late Thursday, persisting all weekend, with more rain to come over the next 6 days! We’re living and gardening in a magnificent green rainforest, with the wonderful petrichor wafting in through open windows… rain drenched slumbers making for wonderful sleep.  Oh… excepting when it … Read more


Garden News – Mid May Gardening

Rounding the corner of the beautiful full moon of May, we’re now entering the latter weeks of spring. The grass is jumping and the ragwort is high! This photo of our Pilot Mountain hillside makes the case. Many plants are hitting their stride this week. That, of course, includes the weeds. This year the straw … Read more


Newsletter – Mid May 2019 Updates – Gardening Zone 7a

We’ve come to the end of another exciting week of gardening, here in mid-May. It’s Mother’s Day as I write this and reflect on the blessings of family and the abundance of nature. For me, this is a special time in the season. The transplants are growing beautifully, and most of the seeds have done … Read more