Hummingbird Food Recipe and Favorite Feeders

Ruby throated hummingbird feeding

People love to put out hummingbird food to attract these enchanting feathered garden friends. A hummingbird food recipe is super simple, and will go a long way toward attracting hummingbirds to your yard. In a Hurry… to Discover the Best Hummingbird Feeder? If you’re the cut-to-the-chase type, here’s our favorite on Amazon. If you like … Read more


Birds That Eat Mosquitoes and Bad Garden Bugs

Eastern Bluebird eats mosquitoes

You can create a bird sanctuary for insectivorous birds that eat mosquitoes for natural pest control in the garden. While some birds can be a nuisance in the garden, birds are an essential part of a healthy garden ecosystem. We enjoy feeding birds in winter. Not only is it pleasurable to bird watch the local … Read more


Birds Hitting Windows – White Throated Sparrow Rescue

Rescued White Throated Sparrow bird hit window - image by GardensAll

If you’ve seen our other posts and videos on the birds we’ve rescued, you’ll know that we live in the woods, which is awesome, except for a few challenges. One is birds hitting windows and becoming injured or worse, dying. So… we’ve rescued many a bird over the 30 years in this woodland haven, and … Read more


White Cardinal Bird — a Rare Sight

A Special Visit by a Rare Bird Having our bird feeders just outside the home office windows invites pleasant distractions. It’s refreshing to eyes and psyche to occasionally look up from our cyber windows and gaze at the wildlife outside our real windows. Bird watching (and even the squirrel acrobatics at the bird feeders) is … Read more


A Bird in the Hand Story of the Hawk and the Kinglet

Golden Crowned Kinglet - image by

A Bird Rescue Story You’ve likely heard the saying, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” But do you know what it means? This is both sage advice, but also constrictive. A bird in the hand saying means that it’s better to take care of and be happy with what you … Read more


Bird Deflectors to Make – to Deter Bird Strikes to Windows

Over the years we’ve shared videos and Facebook stories of our bird rescues. But far better to prevent the birds from crashing into our windows in the first place, so we delved into bird deflectors. First, here are some of our favorite bird rescues. Bird Rescues This rescued cardinal below happened before we installed our … Read more


Picking the Best Hummingbird Feeders

We’re always keen to share our favorite garden items, so here we cover what we’ve found to be the best hummingbird feeders. Last year, we got to know a lot about hummingbirds, hummingbird food, and hummingbird feeders. This year we’ve settled on our favorite feeder out of the three we’ve tried. Let’s start with a … Read more