Butterfly Bush Varieties, Pruning and Care

Purple butterfly bush, Buddleja davidii, are great garden and landscape plants for attracting a kaleidoscope of butterflies and other pollinators to your yard and garden landscape. #ButterflyBushVarieties #ButterflyBush #AttractButterflies #ButterflyPlants #FragrantBushes

Butterflies are more than beautiful, they’re a gardener’s best friend, for pollinating plants. To attract more butterflies to your garden, be sure to plant the butterfly bush as a delightful flowering shrub for your garden and landscape. Known botanically as the Buddleja davidii (aka buddleia), [1]https://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?taxonid=243250&isprofile=0&, the long conical flowers are filled with sweet nectar … Read more


Hummingbird Moth – Caterpillar and Facts

Hummingbird Moth - a lovely garden pollinator. #HummingbirdMoth #GoodPollinators #GardenFriendlies #BeneficialInsects

The hummingbird moth caterpillar is often mistaken for the tomato nemesis: the tomato hornworm. However, it’s a case of mistaken identification. The devastating tomato hornworm grows up to be a very different kind of moth than the hummingbird moth. The tomato hornworm DOES NOT become the much beloved pollinator known as the Hummingbird moth. The … Read more


17 Best Plants and Flowers for Attracting Butterflies

The flitting flight of butterflies in the garden is always enchanting and entrancing. More than visual delight and meditative moments, planting more plants for attracting butterflies will help your yard and garden thrive. Like flower petals given wings to fly, it’s easy to pause and watch, entranced, as these beautifully delicate creatures flit and float … Read more


Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed: A Complex Relationship

Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed

Monarch butterflies and milkweed, enjoy a complicated relationship. You know the type. It’s a scenario in which the two mutual parties are co-dependent upon one another. Of course, that level of dependency is fraught with pitfalls. The majestic monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), is strikingly royal in appearance, and yet these delicate creatures migrate 6,000 miles roundtrip, … Read more