Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed – a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed

Monarch butterflies and milkweed, enjoy a complicated relationship. You know the type. It’s a scenario in which the two mutual parties are co-dependent upon one another. Of course, that level of dependency is fraught with pitfalls. The majestic monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), is strikingly royal in appearance, and yet these delicate creatures migrate 6,000 miles roundtrip, … Read more


Daisy Fleabane – an Edible and Medicinal Weed

fleabane wildflowers, white wildflowers with yellow center, daisy-like wildflowers

Eastern or Annual Daisy Fleabane – Erigeron annuus, Habitat That perky white wildflower with a yellow center that looks like daisies or chamomile, might be daisy fleabane.   An early spring wildflower in North America, you’ll see daisy fleabane, Erigeron annuus, in fields, roadside and drainage ditches. Fleabane grows best in full sun and alkaline clay soil. … Read more


Flowers for Balconies for Your Special Garden Nook

Jet and Lesley Cole garden balcony

Disability Doesn’t Stop This Nature Lover from Creating Beautiful Patio and Balcony Garden Sanctuaries GardensAll community member, Lesley Cole, shares her beautiful photos and tips of flowers for balconies. What’s all the more remarkable about Lesley’s balcony garden is that she’s disabled and yet creates is all, with limited mobility from a wheelchair! Lesley’s words … Read more


Spiraea Thunbergii, Baby’s Breath Spiraea, a White Flowering Shrub

An Early Spring Pollinator and Fragrant Perennial Ornamental Landscape Shrub One of our favorite early spring flowering shrubs is the white blossomed Baby’s Breath Spirea, Spiraea thunbergii. Sometimes spelled as Spirea, this lovely perennial shrub offers early spring pollinator flowers for bees and is the first flowering shrub in our garden. Spiraea thunbergii Common Names: … Read more


5 Weeds With Purple Flowers to Get to Know

Weeds With Purple

Most gardeners deal with the aggravation of keeping their gardens free of weeds. Others actually enjoy weeding as a part of gardening therapy. In this article we will look at the pretty weeds with purple flowers, including their uses and benefits, to help you decide to keep them or pull them out. Indeed, some weeds … Read more


Pollinator Flowers for Bees – The Blooms and the Bees

Pollinator Flowers for Bees and Butterflies - Daisy Chrysanthemums - image by Shannon's Sweet Tooth Farm on #PollinatorFlowersForBees #FlowersForBees #FlowersForPollinators #PlantsFor Pollinators

Learning about pollinator flowers for bees is an intriguing discovery into their codependent relationship and how we can help. Blooms and Bees – A Love Story Blooms and bees have cooperated with each other for as long as they’ve been here.  They need each other.  The flower needs the bee, as well as other pollinators, … Read more


How to Grow Chives – Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Chives

Growing Chives Herbs with purple flowers.

Chives for Beauty, Taste, and Health If you’re looking for information on how to grow chives, we’ve got the scoop on this unpretentious little herb. Chives are hardy perennials (they’ll come back each year without replanting) that are easy to grow, delicious added to foods, versatile, and beautiful in the yard or garden. The two … Read more


Fragrant Sweet Box – Sarcococoa Hookeriana var Humilis

As a member of the Boxwood (Buxacae) Family, the Sweet Box earns its common name. Our particular planting (Sarcococoa hookeriana var humilis) originates from the western slopes of the Himalayas. #Flowers #Ideas #Landscaping #Layout #Decorations #DIY #Containers #Planting #Tips #Beautiful #FrontYards #Beds #Aesthetic

Sweet Smelling, Shade Loving, Evergreen Groundcover In spring, there’s a certain glossy green ground cover—the fragrant sweet box—that’s easy to overlook until this time of year. This evergreen ground cover is well worth an introduction. Perhaps, the most surprising feature of the Fragrant Sweet Box shrub is how such a pervasive fragrance can issue from … Read more


The Ultimate Guide to Hydrangea Pruning

BEAUTIFUL PURPLE HYDRANGEA by Karsten Paulick on Pixabay

Hydrangeas are a common landscape plant, and for good reason; they’re gorgeous and they can grow in full sun to partial shade. Known for their large, colorful clustered blossoms, Hydrangeas have pronounced, deep green foliage and are generally free from pests and disease. Except for requiring a lot of water, hydrangeas are fairly low maintenance. … Read more


Poinsettia Care – How to Keep Poinsettias Alive

poinsettia flowers, poinsettia bract, poinsettia leaves

The holiday poinsettias perform beautifully for a month or more. Then what? Do you toss it? And if not, how to keep poinsettias alive, well and blossoming red (and other colors) again come next season? Poinsettias: A Christmas Tradition Growing poinsettias takes a special environment and dedication to nurturing these tropical plants into their seasonal … Read more