Flowers for Balconies for Your Special Garden Nook

Jet and Lesley Cole garden balcony

Disability Doesn’t Stop This Nature Lover from Creating Beautiful Patio and Balcony Garden Sanctuaries GardensAll community member, Lesley Cole, shares her beautiful photos and tips of flowers for balconies. What’s all the more remarkable about Lesley’s balcony garden is that she’s disabled and yet creates is all, with limited mobility from a wheelchair! Lesley’s words … Read more


Patio and Balcony Garden Ideas – Create Your Special Place

A patio dream garden. Garden sanctuary.

Growing Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables on Patio, Deck and Balconies Want to grow your own vegetables or flowers, but have no garden? Balconies, decks and patio gardening is perfect for those without space or ability for a yard garden. There are many wonderful patio and balcony garden ideas which we’ll share here. We’ve heard from … Read more


Plant Labels and Garden Markers From Used, Old and Broken Things

If you want plant labels that last, here are DIY ideas for plant markers, from creative to practical garden markers you can make. Some of these are fun for kids too, just take care with sharp pieces! Gardeners tend to be a frugal and crafty bunch, so gardening and do-it-yourself projects go hand in hand. We … Read more


Hummingbird Food Recipe and Favorite Feeders

Ruby throated hummingbird feeding

People love to put out hummingbird food to attract these enchanting feathered garden friends. A hummingbird food recipe is super simple, and will go a long way toward attracting hummingbirds to your yard. In a Hurry… to Discover the Best Hummingbird Feeder? If you’re the cut-to-the-chase type, here’s our favorite on Amazon. If you like … Read more


A Garden Storage Shed – Build It or Buy It?

garden shed, wood garden shed

Considerations for Building vs. Buying a Garden Storage Shed You can store your garden tools in a corner of the garage or basement if you have one. But a garden storage shed close to the garden is super handy. We know gardeners are a handy bunch who enjoy DIY projects too, so we found a … Read more


How to Make Rustic Log Furniture

Got wood? Make stuff! We love the look of natural wood decor, so we’ve included some how to make rustic log furniture videos in this short article. We’d love to see what your making — or what you make if you take on any of these projects. Living in the woods as we do, there’s … Read more


CD Suncatchers, Homemade Wind Chimes and Mobiles

Attractive, Artsy and Functional A creative idea for yard and garden decoration is to make bird-repelling CD suncatchers out of old CDs and DVDs. More than functional, these light-catching mobiles can be artsy fun by decorating them with markers. Helen Joe, from the Gardens All Facebook community says: “We hang CD suncatchers all over our … Read more


Rain Chains for Beauty and Function

Downspouts for home decor. Beautiful, practical and functional, we love our copper rain chains for year round exterior home decor artistry. Rainchains they come in a variety of materials, shapes and designs. Whenever we post videos of our rainchains on Facebook they go viral, and people want to know more about them, so we’re sharing … Read more


Fragrant Orange Flame Azaleas Will Dazzle Your Spring Landscape

Fragrant Orange Flame Azalea Buds and Blossoms. Prune after blooming. #WhenToPruneAzaleas #PruningAzaleas #FlameAzalea #FragrantAzaleas

For colors and fragrance, the orange flame azaleas, Rhododendron calendulaceum and hybrids like “Exbury” are among our top favorites. These deciduous dazzling beauties begin to blaze forth, with blooms begin in early April in zone 7a, and last for most of the month for us. The flame azalea flowers are delightfully beautiful, with sweetly fragrant … Read more


Best Picnic Tables for Summer Fun

Few things say summer like picnic tables and picnics. Picnic tables are a slice of American summer nostalgia. Plates of grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, (or veggie burgers, if you’re vegetarian), with all the toppings, potato salad, ice tea and watermelon. There’s just something about a picnic table that invites a hangout. Perhaps it’s the memories… … Read more