55 Gallon Drum Projects for a Raised Garden Garden

55 Gallon Drum Projects - Raised Garden Bed

If you’re looking for 55 Gallon Drum projects, barrels can be a relatively quick and easy way to get a raised bed garden or garden planter going. If you have the time, tools and skills to do the work, you can have a raised bed garden up and ready in a day. In this article … Read more


A Desk Garden for Office Plants and Indoor Gardening Trends

desk garden plants

Plants immediately add life and vitality to an office desk. We love the idea of displaying more than ornamentals though. What if you grew your lunch and snacks at work in and on an office desk garden?! It’s inspiring and gratifying to see so many creative ideas and a burgeoning market of new products that … Read more


Fall Garden Maintenance and Tips

Garden Newsletter September is when we focus on fall garden maintenance and plant our fall/winter crops in zone 7a. So fall garden maintenance and tips is the theme here. Season transitions always have their challenges because you can still have temperature swings that leave crops vulnerable. Here in central North Carolina, “Indian Summer” temps can … Read more


How to Grow Microgreens Indoors

how-to-grow-microgreens, microgreens

If you’re wondering how to grow microgreens, you’re in luck because it’s simple. You can grow microgreens indoors year round, as a way to fortify your winter crops and food supply. I’m not sure why we didn’t think to do it sooner. Probably just an oversight of busy schedules, but as we snip the seedling … Read more


A Plant Tower that Can Grow 50 Plants in 4 Sq. Ft.

Vertical Garden Tower and Composter for Indoor/Outdoors Growing We love the plant tower concept for saving space and extending the growing season. Plant towers can be used indoors with grow lights in winter, and are great for balconies, decks or patios for summer. Some of the best things to grow in a plant tower are … Read more


Growing Potatoes in Bags and Containers

What to do with those sprouting potatoes… and how to grow potatoes while maximizing your garden space? In this article we get into numerous cool ideas for growing potatoes indoors and out, in containers such as pots, grow bags and directly in soil bags.  Growing potatoes can occupy a lot of  space for a long time. … Read more


Consider Growing Catnip for Mosquito Repellent and Medicinal Benefits

cats on catnip

Catnip is for people too, with many uses and benefits. Everyone knows that most cats love catnip, but fewer realize that catnip is not just for cats. In fact, growing catnip is a good idea, even if you don’t have cats! Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a delightful, soothing and medicinally beneficial herb for humans too! So … Read more


A Gardener’s Guide to Using Garden Planters

Container gardening

Container gardening using garden planters provides flexibility and accessibility for growing all kinds of plants, including vegetables and flowers. Garden planters offer a convenient way for you to get growing. In fact, you can use them in virtually any garden space. Because of their flexible nature, you can use them in spaces varying from the tiniest … Read more


Best LED Grow Lights and Other Favorites

Indoor Gardening With Grow Lights Because Growers Gotta Grow Gardeners get addicted to having fresh food readily available. For people who love the idea of growing their own food year round, LED grow lights may be the best solution. Indoor plant lighting systems can be pricey, so which are the best grow lights? We delve into … Read more


Pyramid Planters – 3x the Food in 4 Feet of Space

Vertical Gardening for More Yield in Less Space What about a living salad bar or strawberry patch right on your deck or patio? We love the idea of plant tower gardens such as this cool pyramid planter, where you can grow up to three times the food in just four feet of space! This could … Read more