How to Grow Blueberries – Fertilizer, Soil pH, and Benefits

When it comes to how to grow blueberries, the good news is that blueberry plants are hardy, relatively easy to grow and tend to thrive. Give them a good start and a little care and you can enjoy fantastic blueberries for many years to come. Few things are better than picking blueberries fresh from your … Read more


Staking Tomatoes with Biodegradable Jute Twine and a Little Pruning

staking tomatoes

We’ve been too busy gardening in between wrestling tech tigers to write much on this, but you know the saying: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” So… maybe a video is worth 10,000 or so, when it comes to sharing about staking tomatoes. 🤔 Our approach to tomato growing has shifted. We have adopted a … Read more


Bird Deflectors to Make – to Deter Bird Strikes to Windows

Over the years we’ve shared videos and Facebook stories of our bird rescues. But far better to prevent the birds from crashing into our windows in the first place, so we delved into bird deflectors. First, here are some of our favorite bird rescues. Bird Rescues This rescued cardinal below happened before we installed our … Read more


Espalier Fruit Trees – More Fruit in Less Space

Apple tree espalier

Small yard? Colder climate? Try espalier! Many people would love to grow fruit trees, but for the space it takes and the warmer climate and higher growing zones needed. Even dwarf fruit trees can take up a lot of space in smaller yards. In such cases, espalier fruit trees may be the way to go. … Read more


How Long Does it Take for Strawberries To Grow…

How long does it take for strawberries to grow? #GrowingStrawberries #HowToGrowStrawberries #WhenToHarvestStrawberries

Plus Quick Tips for Growing and Caring for Strawberries Strawberries are a favorite summer fruit that’s easy to grow. If you’re just getting started, you may be wondering how to grow healthy strawberries and also how long it takes for strawberries to grow so you can plan your garden space accordingly. If you’re a market … Read more


Homemade Disinfectant from Grapefruit Seed Extract

Most of us toss the grapefruit seeds, but after reading this, you might decide to save them instead. Did you know that grapefruit seeds are a potent little germ killers? In fact it’s super simple to make homemade disinfectant from grapefruit seed extract or oil. The main difference between the grapefruit seed extract versus grapefruit … Read more


Sambucus Canadensis and Sambucus Nigra, the Edible Elderberries

Immune Boosting, Super Food, Sambucus canadensis, elderberries for immunity and more. #Elderberries #Elderberry #FoodsForImmunity #ImmuneBoosting #NaturalRemedies #SambucusCanadensis, #SambucusNigra #NaturalImmunity

About the American Elderberry and Black Elderberry Elderberry plants are both ornamental and functional. The Sambucus Canadensis and Sambucus Nigra species of elderberry, are well known for their immunity boosting properties, however, they have other traditional uses as well. Genus: SambucusSpecies: Canadensis and NigraThese common elderberries are the best edible elderberry species. It’s no wonder … Read more


Best Pomegranate Deseeder Tool for Pomegranate Season

pomegranate shrub

The Potent Pomegranate What’s your favorite pomegranate deseeder method? We tried this pomegranate tool. It’s cool and probably more efficient that we are at deseeding pomegranates. However we found the main advantage is that it keeps the splatters and juice more contained. We knew that pomegranate, Punica granatum, was delicious and nutritious. But wow! We … Read more


Growing Blackberries for Profit

The Accidental Blackberry Farmer It’s not unusual for an interest to turn into a business. That’s what happened to Robert Hays of Hays Berry Farm. Bob loved growing blackberries, and a gift of 6 blackberry plants in 1999, was the beginning of growing blackberries for profit. Today, Bob Hays has a 10,000+ blackberry farm in Dumas, … Read more


Garden Ideas for a Small Backyard

Have you created your own garden oasis? Coming up with garden Ideas for a small spaces is so much fun! Small gardens are great places to pour a lot of attention to detail and also create thematic gardens, such as a fairy or gnome garden, herb gardens, zen gardens, specialty plants, herbs, flowers and rock … Read more