American Persimmons – Fruit of the Gods

Wild American Persimmons

The American Persimmon Tree The native American persimmon tree (diospyros virginiana), grows wild from southern Connecticut to Florida, and as far west as Kansas and Iowa. We have wild American persimmons growing on our property, and are eagerly anticipating the fall harvest! Audio Article – American Persimmons:   Persimmons are a great edible landscape tree, that … Read more

Fuyu Persimmons – the Best Tasting Persimmons to Grow

best persimmons, fuyu persimmon

But wait… persimmons Taste Awful, Right..? Yes and no. We’ll sort that out here. Bottom line? The fuyu persimmon is the best tasting persimmons to grow, and the most resilient! Not only is the fuyu persimmon tree a strong growing tree, but the fuyu persimmon fruit is large, very sturdy, long lasting and incredibly delicious. … Read more

Blueberry Fertilizer and 3 Easy Steps to Healthier Bushes

If Your Blueberries are Struggling… A couple years ago, our blueberry production was way off. The 40 plants at the upper level looked to be struggling. A few didn’t make it. The blueberry production was fantastic. The next year, not so great. Was it the blueberry fertilizer, or was it the birds? Turns out it was … Read more

Grapefruit Seed Extract for Disinfectant

When we shared an article on dandelions for food, tea and medicine, GardensAll Facebook community member, Olive Bolivar shared this great information on grapefruit seed extract or oil as a natural and safe disinfectant. The main difference between the grapefruit seed extract versus grapefruit seed oil is that the extract is concentrated and the oil is … Read more

Dwarf Fruit Trees for Your Backyard Orchard

You may be surprised to discover how many trees you can grow in a small backyard with dwarf fruit trees, columnar varieties, espalier trees and just by the way you prune the tree. With some of these new dwarf varieties you don’t even have to wait for years to see any fruit. Some dwarf fruit … Read more

The Paw Paw Fruit Tree – a True American

Have you heard of the paw paw fruit tree? The Pawpaw, Asimina triloba, is the largest edible wild fruit native to the USA and can be found growing wild in the southeastern states. Pawpaws grow best in moist bottomland, and well drained areas that are sunny or partly shaded.1) The fruit is delicious, and reminiscent of a combination … Read more

Goji Berry Benefits for Health

You want to take the little red berry? … Unlike the red pill/blue pill in the classic film, The Matrix, the blueberry also has loads of benefits. But today we’re focusing on the incredible health benefits of the little red Goji berry, how to grow them, and use them in cooking! Related Trivia: In case you’re wondering, it’s … Read more

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Trees – The Little Tree that Could

The most popular indoor-outdoor citrus tree is the dwarf Meyer Lemon tree. We now have two, that Coleman got me for birthday and Christmas presents… favorites! ?  But at first we wondered if they’d really produce fruit. You know when those wonderful catalogs roll into the mailbox in winter and you’re looking longingly at those dazzling photos … Read more

Blueberry Soil pH and Acidity

growing blueberries,

When it comes to blueberries, few things are better than picking blueberries fresh from your own garden and popping them straight into your mouth! Blueberry pancakes are pretty high on the list though. ? Blueberries are an amazing, delicious and nutritious superfood, but these days, they’re also quite expensive to buy. One of the reasons blueberries … Read more

Your Garden Oasis – Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Have you created your own garden oasis? If you’d like to share it with us on Facebook, we’ll add it to this article for more to enjoy your landscape artistry. We’ll include your name (unless you prefer to be anonymous). If you have a website and/or Facebook page, we can share your links too. Meanwhile, we … Read more