Loving Marconi Peppers – Red and Green!

We Love Our Marconi Peppers! We’ve grown the Marconi Peppers (red variety), Capsicum annum, for three straight growing seasons. These Marconi sweet peppers come on a bit late with beautiful long green fruits that gradually redden as the season progresses. Audio Article – Marconi Peppers:   We procured the seed from Baker Creek/RareSeeds.com,  and though … Read more

Fall Garden Maintenance and Tips

Garden Newsletter With three weeks of summer remaining before the fall equinox—as of this writing—we’re proceeding with the changeover to our fall/winter crops. So fall garden maintenance and tips is the theme for today. Season transitions always have their challenges because you can still have temperature swings that leave crops vulnerable. In our zone 7a, … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Humble Gardener, Lessons, and Butterfly Plants

In the Garden I warned them. Told them straight up. If you guys don’t put on some pumpkins, you’re outta here! And after fighting off squash vine borers, squash bugs, and powdery mildew, they still refused to do anything but grow more vines. The little fruits would form but never mature. So, out they came, … Read more

Birds That Eat Mosquitoes and Bad Garden Bugs

Eastern Bluebird eats mosquitoes

You can create a bird sanctuary for insectivore birds that eat mosquitoes for natural pest control in the garden. While some birds can be a nuisance in the garden, others are an essential part of a healthy garden ecosystem. We enjoy feeding birds in winter. Not only is it pleasurable to bird watch the local … Read more

Garden Newsletter July 1: Powdery Mildew Treatment and Squash Vine Borer Control

Playing Catch up with Squash Vine Borer Control Sometimes with gardening, there’s the relatively steady ebb and flow. Daily, we survey our patch and sometimes discover a minor pest problem, handle it, and continue on. No big deal, right? Other times, such as this past week, it seems like playing a catch-up game of  “Whack-a … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Is It Too Late to Plant in June?

You can shade with home made devices as well. We’ve used old window screens still in the frame and fiberglass screen right off the roll. Allow enough space below for air to circulate. A good thick layer of mulch around the plants will help-we prefer wood chips or straw. Planting certain crops where they'll receive partial shade naturally works too.

Is It Too Late to Plant in June? Not by our reckoning or that of our Garden Planner app.  We’ve planted beets, tomatillos, squash, flowers, peppers, eggplants, and cucamelons (Mexican Sour Gherkins). We’ve seeded arugula, okra, and red orach. Today, we’ll be planting more eggplant, cucumbers, and peppers, and seeding in lettuces under the shade … Read more

A Compost Tea Recipe and How-to Video

Care for a “cup of rosy” for your posies? Your plants will love “tea time” when it’s organic compost tea, aka liquid fertilizer! Really, if you wish to increase the health and productivity of your plants, compost tea will give them a huge boost! Liquid organic compost tea will make your plants more disease and … Read more

Ruth Stout and No Till Gardening Without Work

Ruth Stout in Hat

Amongst the most popular articles on GardensAll are the articles on Ruth Stout, mother of the no till gardening method. When we asked the Gardens All Facebook community what they loved most about Ruth, here’s what they said: “I love her attitude and independent spirit.” “That she didn’t do anything she didn’t want to, and believed … Read more

Organic Farm is an Island of Green as Seen from Google Earth

Organic farm from space

The soul of the soil and an island of green. “Here’s our organic farm from space! 500 acres surrounded by conventional farmland. Feels like I’m living on an island. Seeing is believing. I tell people and they don’t get it.” Bryan Wagner said in a text message when he shared this image. We get it. You … Read more