American Persimmons – Fruit of the Gods

Wild American Persimmons

The American Persimmon Tree The native American persimmon tree (diospyros virginiana), grows wild from southern Connecticut to Florida, and as far west as Kansas and Iowa. We have wild American persimmons growing on our property, and are eagerly anticipating the fall harvest! Audio Article – American Persimmons:   Persimmons are a great edible landscape tree, that … Read more

Fuyu Persimmons – the Best Tasting Persimmons to Grow

best persimmons, fuyu persimmon

But wait… persimmons Taste Awful, Right..? Yes and no. We’ll sort that out here. Bottom line? The fuyu persimmon is the best tasting persimmons to grow, and the most resilient! Not only is the fuyu persimmon tree a strong growing tree, but the fuyu persimmon fruit is large, very sturdy, long lasting and incredibly delicious. … Read more

Permaculture Natural Gardening with Permaculture Methods

Natural gardening and back to Eden.

Permaculture Natural Gardening “Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted & thoughtful observation rather than protracted & thoughtless labour; of looking at plants & animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system.” Bill Mollison1) Mother Nature’s lead using the principles of permaculture natural gardening just … Read more

Biointensive Gardening Tips for More with Less

If you could grow 2-6 times more produce and use less water, wouldn’t you want to? No brainer, obvious “YES”, right? Biointensive gardening is the buzzword in gardening these days and for good reason. With the practical biointensive process, you can repair soil, increase yield, and save water and money. But what is it? What is … Read more

Layered Garden Beds – No dig, no till, Easy Garden Method

Layered gardening beds, a.k.a., lasagna gardening, is a great option to simplify your gardening. Forget your broad fork, turn off that tiller, and stop all that weeding! One of my favorite quotes is: “Just because it’s always been done this way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way.” The “it”, in this case, is about digging and … Read more

Another Bird Hitting Window Rescue – White Throated Sparrow

If you’ve seen our other posts and videos on the birds we’ve rescued, you’ll know that we live in the woods, which is awesome, except for a few challenges. When it comes to gardening, our garden is smaller because there are fewer sunny areas plus lots of tree roots. For that, we do well with … Read more

Edible Ground Cover Plants to Foodscape Your Yard!

Edible Groundcovers to Grow and Eat Groundcovers are a great way to spruce up your landscape, manage weeds and help retain soil. But groundcovers can also serve as food if you plant edibles, and there are some cool edible plants that make good groundcovers. If you have dogs like we do, edible groundcovers are best … Read more

Eating Cattails and Foraging Wild Foods

Have you had any cattails recently? Ever? Did you know that chemicals from wild plants can help us perform better and feel better? It’s fascinating to discover plants in our environment that are both edible and medicinal and so much more. Learning to identify plants in nature is like looking for friends, and in the case of wilderness … Read more

Landscaping Ideas for Foodscaping Your Yard

Foodscaping just makes sense! Gardening, foodscaping and edible landscaping is not only a recession-proof industry, it’s one that tends to thrive in harder times. While the lawn and ornamental plant industry struggled from 2009 onward, the food gardening segment grew. W. Atlee Burpee & Co., the largest seed and gardening supply store in the country, says it has seen … Read more

Your Mother Was a Hamster…

…and your father smelt of elderberries! It never fails. Whenever we share about anything elderberry, people chime in with this infamous line from the British TV show, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and a rip-roaring ruckus of fond memories ensue. People are passionate about elderberries! For many, the tiny purplish black berries elicit fond … Read more