Edible Hedges for Privacy and Food

Edible Fencing, aka, Espalier. #EdibleHedges #Espalier #EdibleLandscape

Eat That Hedge! We love the concept of edible hedges and landscapes. There many plants that are both ornamental edible, and also medicinal. The best of both worlds. For years we’ve only planted for beauty and aesthetics, mainly because we live in the woods where it’s been too shady for a full on vegetable garden. … Read more


Edible Ground Cover Plants to Foodscape Your Yard!

Function and Beauty with Benefits Often overlooked, ground cover plants are a worth considering for gardens, yards and landscapes. Unlike grass, ground cover plants not only beautify your yard and reduce maintenance, they can also be edible and medicinal! If you have dogs like we do, edible groundcovers are best planted outside the dog’s range. … Read more


The Mallow Plant – a Return to Edible and Medicinal Roots

Marsh Mallow – the Prodigal Weed Wild edible and medicinal, the mallow plant, after which the marshmallow treat was named, comes from a large family of mallows. Called Malvaceae, the Mallow family includes okra, cottons and hibiscus, and you can certainly see the resemblance in the mallow flowers.  Every part of the marsh mallow plant, Althea officinalis, is … Read more


Natural Gardening with Permaculture Methods

Natural gardening and back to Eden.

Permaculture Natural Gardening The principles of permaculture natural gardening follows Mother Nature’s lead. It just makes sense for the best longterm sustainable growing plan for the healthiest food and yard and garden ecosystem. What’s good for us and our garden’s ecosystem is also good for the planet. “Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than … Read more


Your Mother Was a Hamster…

…and your father smelt of elderberries! It never fails. Whenever we share about anything elderberry, people chime in with this infamous line from the British TV show, Monty Python and the Holy Grail “Your mother was a hamster…” Recounting of various renditions and scenes typically follow along with a rip-roaring ruckus of fond memories ensue. … Read more


Fuyu Persimmons – the Best Tasting Persimmons to Grow

best persimmons, fuyu persimmon

But wait… persimmons Taste awful, right..? Yes and no. We’ll sort that out here. Bottom line? Fuyu persimmons are the best tasting persimmons to grow, and the most resilient! Not only is the fuyu persimmon tree a strong growing tree, but the fuyu persimmon fruit is large, very sturdy, long lasting and incredibly delicious. The … Read more


How to Make a Worm Farm and Castings for under $20

Homemade Worm Farm Compost Bins Shannon Black has it going on! She makes her own vermiculture worm bins and shows us how to make a worm farm for under $20. When we shared an article on vermiculture1)https://gardensall.com/vermiculture-compost-gardeners-gold/ on the Gardens All Facebook Page, Shannon Black posted some great comments.  That sparked a lengthy Facebook conversation … Read more


Newsletter – April Gardening Updates

garden gnomes

A Tale of Two Gardens The April Gardening: it was generally the best of times this week! We LOVE spring!! All of our houseplants moved outside this weekend and you can almost see them shouting with glee. , The rains last week washed most of the pollen down and the flowers are in bloom with … Read more


Edible Backyard Weeds You Can Eat

Don’t Spray Those Wild Weeds! Eat them instead!  Well, some of them! So many of the plants that we treat as pests in our lawns are both delicious and nutritious backyard edible weeds. If we were on a hike and saw a head of broccoli or kale, we’d know what that was and that we … Read more


American Persimmons – Fruit of the Gods

Wild American Persimmons

The American Persimmon Tree The native American persimmon tree (diospyros virginiana), grows wild from southern Connecticut to Florida, and as far west as Kansas and Iowa. We have wild American persimmons growing on our property, and are eagerly anticipating the fall harvest! Audio Article – American Persimmons:   Persimmons are a great edible landscape tree, that … Read more