Tuscan Lacinato Kale: A Rising Star of Greens

tuscan lacinato kale

Plant lacinato kale in your garden, and you’ll have a win-win. Your gardening effort will earn you stunning, showy dark bluish-green to black foliage and a superfood that delivers optimal nutrition to your family. The flavor is milder, and many find it tastier than curly kale. But it still packs the same enormous nutritional punch. … Read more


Fall Salad Greens for Hardy, Healthy Garden Salads

One of our favorite fall crops are fall salad greens. We love to make our own exotic mixed greens blends and they can change day to day. It’s really remarkable that the delicate plants good for salads are actually sturdy growers able to handle the cooler fall temps, albeit, with a little help from frost … Read more


How to Grow Microgreens Indoors

how-to-grow-microgreens, microgreens

If you’re wondering how to grow microgreens, you’re in luck because it’s simple. You can grow microgreens indoors year round, as a way to fortify your winter crops and food supply. I’m not sure why we didn’t think to do it sooner. Probably just an oversight of busy schedules, but as we snip the seedling … Read more