The Family Farm – a Return to Heritage

Erin Southwood was practically raised in the garden. Her family had an urban garden when she was growing up and her grandparents had a family farm. So it was a natural fit for Erin to have a garden in her small urban yard. Many of us can relate to the following statement, (just substitute the word … Read more


Make Money Farming from Home

make money farming, family farm, homesteading

Yes you can make money farming. Easy, not usually. Market gardeners, like most entrepreneurs and farmers, put in many hours of work each day. In fact it’s common for small business owners to work more hours in their business than they ever did working for others. When you’re doing work you love, it doesn’t feel … Read more


Specialty Crops to Grow for Profit

Interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan’s Garden Beyond his medial degree, Dr. Thomas Cowan has a tremendous wealth and breadth of knowledge on nature, nutrition and the life of plants. If you’re interested in growing for profit, you might enjoy the video interview where Dr. Cowan, talks about in-demand specialty crops for growers to consider. We … Read more


Hemp vs CBD Oil, Marijuana and Extracts – Benefits and Uses

hemp, growing hemp, hemp farm, WV hemp

There’s understandably, a lot of confusion in the difference between hemp vs cbd and marijuana. We were confused too, so we dug in deep to better understand this hot topic of the day. We’re not only interested toward using marijuana and hemp medically, but we’re also researching it toward considering growing it as a cash … Read more


Poinsettia Care – How to Keep Poinsettias Alive

poinsettia flowers, poinsettia bract, poinsettia leaves

The holiday poinsettias perform beautifully for a month or more. Then what? Do you toss it? And if not, how to keep poinsettias alive, well and blossoming red (and other colors) again come next season? Poinsettias: A Christmas Tradition Growing poinsettias takes a special environment and dedication to nurturing these tropical plants into their seasonal … Read more


Growing Blackberries for Profit

The Accidental Blackberry Farmer It’s not unusual for an interest to turn into a business. That’s what happened to Robert Hays of Hays Berry Farm. Bob loved growing blackberries, and a gift of 6 blackberry plants in 1999, was the beginning of growing blackberries for profit. Today, Bob Hays has a 10,000+ blackberry farm in Dumas, … Read more


An Urban Homestead Growing 7,000 Pounds on 1/10th Acre

A Story of What’s Possible If you’d love to farm, but don’t yet have the land, take heart. It’s proven possible to create an urban homestead on less than 1/4 acre of land when you swap grass for food. Now gardening is work. This is not about an easy way to make money or to … Read more


Turn Your Backyard Garden into an Urban Farm

Got Yard? Farm it! When it comes to farming, most people think of acres of land and row upon row of single crops. Even when it comes to gardening, many people think they need at least an acre or a large field. But the urban farm is shifting that paradigm. Today, there are an increasing … Read more


Types of Garlic and How to Grow and Harvest Garlic

Do You Know the Types of Garlic? Ah, garlic. Garlic growers and connoisseurs know that there are three overarching types of garlic. These are softneck, hardneck and elephant garlic. Softneck garlic Hardneck garlic Elephant garlic In this article you’ll not only learn more about the types of garlic, but also how to grow garlic as well … Read more


Pumpkin on a Stick Ornamental Eggplant (Yes… Eggplant!)

Is it a pumpkin? Is it a tomato…? No! Pumpkin on a stick is actually an eggplant! Seeds arrived in the mail from GardensAll Facebook community member, Kathlyn Pykosz Cairns, so we had to grow some! Gardeners with seeds in hand… #planted! It’s been fun learning more about these and to see ours developing from … Read more