Hemp vs Marijuana, CBD Oil, and Extracts Now Federally Legal

hemp, growing hemp, hemp farm, WV hemp

Cannabis — The New Frontier Opens Wide December 20, 2018 headline: “Congress passes hemp legalization, President Trump signs it.” We are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution. Industrial hemp will soon become legal nationwide, which is a very good thing for the future of the economy and ecology of our country. Growing low … Read more

Creative Financing and Living the Homesteading Dream

Many people today have a dream of starting a homestead farm. Some feel it is too distant a reality to even imagine. Others are close and making plans. A few have actually taken that leap of faith by diving into homesteading, on a whim, a prayer and a bunch of grit. Teresa and Lee McCullar, are … Read more

Organic Farm is an Island of Green as Seen from Google Earth

Organic farm from space

The soul of the soil and an island of green. “Here’s our organic farm from space! 500 acres surrounded by conventional farmland. Feels like I’m living on an island. Seeing is believing. I tell people and they don’t get it.” Bryan Wagner said in a text message when he shared this image. We get it. You … Read more

Cover Crops for the Home Garden

By Jared Gulliford, Earth First Farm Recently, I have found myself experimenting with various cover crops and decomposition techniques in my ½ acre market garden. Cover crops, also called green manure crops, protect the soil over the harsh winter, as well as add much needed nitrogen and/or organic matter. A main obstacle to cover crops … Read more

The Market Gardener and a Successful Micro Farm

Backyard farming can be productive and profitable. Not all farmers are poor. We’ve all heard the stories of small farmers barely scraping by… of how hard it is to make a living farming… and the heartbreaking stories of how so many with a dream and a farm, end up giving up when they can’t make … Read more

The Family Farm – a Return to Heritage

Erin Southwood was practically raised in the garden. Her family had an urban garden when she was growing up and her grandparents and extended relatives also had farms, so it was a natural fit for Erin to have a garden in her small urban yard. Many of us can relate to this statement… substitute the word … Read more

An Urban Farm is Possible Even if You Don’t Have Much Land

A Backyard Homestead Setup for Sustainable Living Don’t be intimidated by the term homesteading. Sure, homesteading originally meant acres of land. People who were given allotments of land to work for free or low cost, known as Homestead Acts, and which were traditionally more isolated in the country or wilderness.1)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homestead_Acts Today, homesteading in the US and Canada most … Read more