Hemp vs Marijuana, CBD Oil, and Extracts Now Federally Legal

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Cannabis — The New Frontier Opens Wide December 20, 2018 headline: “Congress passes hemp legalization, President Trump signs it.” We are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution. Industrial hemp will soon become legal nationwide, which is a very good thing for the future of the economy and ecology of our country. Growing low … Read more

Tap a Tree: Sweet Tree Water Expected to be Billion Dollar Industry by 2025

More than Maple Water If you enjoy coconut water, as we do—we use it regularly in our green juices blended daily in our ancient Vitamix—you may also want to look for and try some “sap on tap”, sweet water now available in health food and specialty store. The tree water isn’t nearly as sweet naturally, in … Read more

Growing Loofah Plant from Seed

Luffa or Loofah? Luffa, lufa, loofa or loofah? You choose. It’s spelled all kinds of ways but it’s most commonly ‘loofah’ in the US and ‘luffa’ in the rest of the world. So whichever way you prefer to spell it, it’s pronounced the same (like loofah): loofah plant is a versatile vegetable worth growing! First … Read more

Growing Lavender and How to Make Lavender Oil

Lavender is one of the most commonly known and widely used herbs and essential oils in the world. The name lavender comes from the Latin word, lavare, which means “to wash”, after the naturally fresh scent and therapeutic properties of the plant. Lavender is an extremely versatile and lovely member of the mint family, and a … Read more

Pumpkin on a Stick Ornamental Eggplant (Yes… Eggplant!)

Is it a pumpkin? Is it a tomato…? No! It’s actually an eggplant! Seeds arrived in the mail from GardensAll Facebook community member, Kathlyn Pykosz Cairns, so we had to grow some! Gardeners with seeds in hand… #planted! It’s been fun learning more about these and to see ours developing from lumpy green fruit to … Read more

Types of Garlic and How to Grow and Harvest Garlic

Do you know how to grow garlic from bulbs? Ah, garlic. This plant also called a vegetable or herb, is the aromatic foundation of cuisine around the world, humans have been using this ancient plant for flavor, health and medicine for over 5,000 years. In this article on how to grow garlic, you’ll be pleased to … Read more

Grow Dandelion – a Wild Weed Super Food Specialty Crop

From cursed weed to natural cancer cure. Some of our favorite weeds to eat from the wild areas around us are chickweed and dandelions. We use chickweed in salads and soups and also on sandwiches like sprouts, and these are readily available growing wild, in and around our yard.1)https://gardensall.com/3-backyard-weeds-you-can-eat/ The other wild edible plant we eat … Read more

Specialty Crops to Grow for Profit

Interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan’s Garden We could spend days talking with Dr. Thomas Cowan! He has a tremendous wealth and breadth of information—not only in medical knowledge—but also in the nature, nutrition and life of plants. In this interview, Dr. Cowan elaborates on the silent language and secret life of plants. Dr. Cowan blends the … Read more