Tapping Trees for Syrup and Water

If done carefully using the best practices, tapping trees can be done with little to no harm to the tree. Whenever we share information on tapping trees, there’s always at least one comment of concern for possible damage to the trees. However, any good tree farmer or homeowner naturally has the best interest of their … Read more


Growing Tree Collards in Containers for a Perennial Superfood

Coleman Alderson-Rooting Purple Tree Collards Cutting-image by GardensAll.com

Easy to Grow Tree Collards Live Long and Prosper We’re really getting into growing perennials, so new for us this season is growing tree collards in containers, beginning with the purple tree collards. Standing tall among their fellow perennial vegetables, tree collards are the most prolific and longest lasting member of the brassicas. Officially dubbed … Read more


What Are Ramps Vegetables?

Ramps plants, AKA Wild Leeks in the woods. Image by Fungus Guy from Creative Commons

Where Are They, What Are They and How to Grow Ramps We’ve been researching and planting ramp vegetables here in North Carolina, and the more we learn, the more excited we are about future prospects for growing ramps for food, health and profit! But if you’ve never heard of them then you may be wondering … Read more


Hemp vs Marijuana + CBD Oil Benefits and Uses

hemp, growing hemp, hemp farm, WV hemp

There’s understandably, a lot of confusion in the difference between hemp vs marijuana and CBD. We were confused too, so we dug in deep to better understand this hot topic of the day. We’re not only interested in possibly using marijuana and hemp medically, but we also researched it toward considering growing it as a … Read more


Types of Garlic and How to Grow and Harvest Garlic

Do You Know the Types of Garlic? Ah, garlic. Garlic growers and connoisseurs know that there are three overarching types of garlic. These are softneck, hardneck and elephant garlic. Softneck garlic Hardneck garlic Elephant garlic In this article you’ll not only learn more about the types of garlic, but also how to grow garlic as well … Read more


Seedless Che Fruit – a Fruit Tree Worth Growing

Che Fruit Tree - Fall Fruits - Easy to grow #FallFruit #CheFruit #EasyGrowingFruitTree #CheBerries #ExoticFruits #AsianFruits

Che fruit, Cudrania tricuspidata, looks like a hard raspberry, with a taste and texture most closely resembling fresh figs. Reminiscent of its relative, the mulberry, che has a similar persistent stem at the end that you can hold while you nibble the fruit off. Che has thicker, bumpy outer skin that’s edible, giving way to … Read more


Growing Sunchokes – AKA -Jerusalem Artichokes

Meet Helianthus Tuberosus We’re in our 8th year of growing sunchokes, the Helianthus tuberosus plant, and are glad that our plantings are slowly expanding. Common names include Jerusalem artichoke, sunchoke or sun choke, sun root, and lambchokes. Some people can’t imagine growing Sunchokes any more than they can imagine growing dandelions on purpose. That’s because … Read more


How to Grow Blueberries – Fertilizer, Soil pH, and Benefits

When it comes to how to grow blueberries, the good news is that blueberry plants are hardy, relatively easy to grow and tend to thrive. Give them a good start and a little care and you can enjoy fantastic blueberries for many years to come. Few things are better than picking blueberries fresh from your … Read more


Growing Lavender and How to Make Lavender Oil

If you’re growing lavender you’ll want to also know how to make lavender oil and lavender lotion. A wonderful herb that’s more than just beautiful, lavender is very popular in cosmetics, oils, salves, body care products, fragrances and also teas. Lavender is one of the most commonly known and widely used herbs and essential oils … Read more


Cucamelon – the Cutest Little Exotic Vegetable

Cucamelon, AKA - Mexican Gherkin is a delightful summer fruit that tastes like citrusy cucumber. #Cucamelon #MiniatureWatermelon #MexicanGherkin

Cucamelon, melothria scabra, Common Names: Mexican Sour Gherkin Mouse Melon Mexican Cucumber Sandita (Central American name, meaning little watermelon) Well, here it is summer and it’s a joy to see our gardening efforts paying off with loads of produce, particularly in the squash, cucumber and tomato departments. Last year, we published an article on a rather … Read more