How to Decide What Vegetables to Grow

Gardeners Are Investors It may be unusual, but I like to decide what vegetables to grow in the same way I pick stocks to invest in. Gardeners are investors. We invest our time—lots of time—money, energy and effort into our garden. If we plan well and tend it daily, our garden pays big dividends. Audio … Read more

Cordless Pole Saw Tips and Favorites

Pole saws, no matter the type (manual, gas-powered, electric or cordless), can be likened to insurance. You don’t need a pole saw until you actually need one. We live on a property that is crowded with trees and as such, probably have more need of a pole saw pruner than most homeowners. It’s no fun … Read more

Smart Tips for Winterizing Your Yard and Garden

winter garden features

The days are shorter, and there’s a decidedly cold nip in the air. Your friends are enjoying hot toddies and planning ugly Christmas sweater parties. On the other hand, there you are—experiencing a bad case of gardening withdrawal. Don’t be down about it. Instead, use your time winterizing your yard and garden with an eye … Read more

Plant Covers for Frost Protection

Plant covers, row covers

What Temp Is Frost? Living here in the western Piedmont of North Carolina, we have the fortune of gardening well into fall.  The first local “Frost Alert” has been issued and it looks like our more tender crops will be taken out by Mr. Jack. We still have a bumper crop (for our little space) … Read more

Can You Freeze Cucumbers?

Can you freeze cucumbers? That’s what we wanted to know too, so we did what you’re doing now: asked, researched and tried it! It’s that time of year when cucumbers are coming out of our ears! I’m not complaining though… we’re delighted! But we’re looking for more ways to enjoy—and preserve—our cucumber harvest. We already … Read more

Benefits of White Vinegar for Flowers, Ants, Mosquito Bites and Weeds

There are many benefits of white vinegar… but contrary to popular organic garden lore, don’t use it on the weeds!! From homemade insect repellent and mosquito bite remedy to cleaning and getting rid of ants, there are many benefits of white vinegar as an essential home and garden staple. However… Don’t use acetic acid for … Read more

Saving and Storing Seeds for Best Results

saving seeds, seed storage

Have you ever inherited garden seeds? Carefully opened a packet of seeds placed reverently in your hands by a family member or friend? Some gardens seeds are actually considered family heirlooms carefully selected for their superior qualities, and are passed down through generations. Saving and storing seeds is an art and tradition. Seeds are like … Read more

Birds That Eat Mosquitoes and Bad Garden Bugs

Eastern Bluebird eats mosquitoes

You can create a bird sanctuary for insectivore birds that eat mosquitoes for natural pest control in the garden. While some birds can be a nuisance in the garden, others are an essential part of a healthy garden ecosystem. We enjoy feeding birds in winter. Not only is it pleasurable to bird watch the local … Read more

Plant Labels and Garden Markers from Used, Old and Broken Things

Gardeners tend to be a frugal and crafty bunch. It just seems that gardening and do-it-yourself projects go hand in hand. We don’t like to be wasteful and throw out something that could be reused, so we enjoy sharing the creativity and ingenuity of crafty DIY Gardeners, such as these creative plant labels for garden markers. Recycle, … Read more

Treat Powdery Mildew on Plants

Yuk! What’s that white stuff on the leaves? If your plants have been attacked by powdery mildew, you know the frustration and challenge of this garden nemesis.  White powdery mildew is a fairly common problem, so if you haven’t yet encountered it, that’s great, but file this away, just in case. You can have vibrant green leafed … Read more