Natural Pest Control for Garden Pests

Organic Pest Control for Garden Bugs While some of our fellow gardeners are still waiting for the growing season to come around, we here in Zone 7A are full on! Our plants are coming along. We got them out early and nurtured them through some cold snaps and their leaves were so beautifully unblemished–for a … Read more

Tomato Plant Diseases and How to Avoid Them

We’ve never met a gardener who didn’t grow tomatoes. There is nothing like picking your own vine-ripened tomatoes to give you a sense of accomplishment as a gardener. Bursting with flavor and available in hundreds of hybrid and heirloom tomato varieties, this extremely versatile fruit is the most favorite “vegetable” to grow, even on balconies and … Read more

Best LED Grow Lights and Other Favorites

Gardeners Get Addicted to Gardening… …to having fresh food readily available. Once you’re used to fresh from the garden, to buy packaged, canned or frozen food is never the same and even the fresh produce is not as fresh as from your garden. It’s just never as good. For people who love the idea of growing their … Read more

A Compost Tea Recipe and How-to Video

Care for a “cup of rosy” for your posies? Your plants will love “tea time” when it’s organic compost tea, aka liquid fertilizer! Really, if you wish to increase the health and productivity of your plants, compost tea will give them a huge boost! Liquid organic compost tea will make your plants more disease and … Read more

Keep Squirrels Out of the Garden

Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes? You bet they do! We love animals, and watching the squirrels interact and play in our woodland yard is enjoyable. But… we hate that they eat our tomatoes—and often a little bit of many of them—so we’ve been on a pursuit for how to keep squirrels out of the garden. It’s … Read more

How to Get Rid of Moles

Got Mole Problems? If you’ve had your garden invaded and plants destroyed by moles like we have, you’re now on a mission to learn how to get rid of moles. Mole problems are a serious threat to your yard and garden. And… moles tend to prefer the nicest yards. Moles like the nicest yards. Look… … Read more

CD Suncatcher and Bird Repellent

CD Sun Catchers, Wind Chimes, and Other Bird Chasers Here are some crafty garden ideas for making bird-repelling CD suncatchers out of old CDs and DVDs. More than artsy, these light-catching mobiles are also functional. Helen Joe, from the Gardens All Facebook community says:“We hang them all over our garden to ward off critters who keep coming … Read more

How to Get rid of VOLES in the Yard and Garden

What do voles look like?

If you’ve ever lost your precious garden plants, veggies or fruits to burrowing critters, then you’ll want to know how to get rid of voles and moles. Chances are if you’re here reading this article it’s because you know the pain of that loss. We lost many plants to moles last year, and something is … Read more

Rain Water Storage Barrels

cabin rainchain, rain barrel

Did you know just ¼ inch of rain coming off of a 20 by 20 foot Rainwater roof will fill a 60-gallon barrel? And that those 60 gallons will cover up to 100 square feet with an inch of water? Rain water storage barrels are an awesome way to water your garden. How Much Rain Water … Read more

How to Make Your Own Bicycle Generator

You can generate your own electricity with a simple bicycle generator. The first time I heard about generating power by pedaling, it was how some parents required their kids to do an at-home spin class on their bike hooked up to generate enough energy to watch tv. At that time I was a kid, so … Read more