Wooden Rain Barrels vs Plastic Rain Barrels Pros and Cons

Plants Flourish with Rain Water Plants quenched with rainwater thrive more than those doused with tap water. Rain barrels are a great way to capture rainwater, and there are many options on the market today, from functional to artsy, folksy to plain. We have both, wooden rain barrels and plastic rain barrels, so in this … Read more


When Your Well Pump is not Working, You’re Out of Water

Attractive country well, stone and timber well - decorative well

If you’re on well water, it can be a great thing, until your well pump is not working. Well pumps can stop working for several reasons. The most common one is when the power goes out. When the power goes out the electric well pump stops working and so does your well water. Do you … Read more


Indoor Water Storage Containers for Emergency Preparedness

6 Gallon Rigid Water Storage Containers for Emergency Preparedness - GardensAll.com #WaterStorageContainers #6GallonWaterStorageContainers #IndoorWaterStorage #OutdoorWaterStorage

Water jugs, water tanks, water bobs… Water storage containers are essential for emergency preparedness and with the recent hurricane Zeta power loss, we definitely put ours to good use. That and some super handy LED lanterns that we need to write more about soon. We especially favor the ones with a dimmer dial for adjustable … Read more


80+ Garden Seeds Companies

Garden Seeds Companies. #VegetableSeeds #MedicinalPlants #WhereToBuySeeds #SeedCompanies

If you’re wondering where to buy vegetable seeds and other plant seeds, we have a couple extensive lists of best garden seeds companies to help. As you’ll see when you read on, during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic all seed companies experienced shortages. So now, no matter the time of year, it’s a good idea to … Read more


Seed Saving and Storing for Best Results

saving seeds, seed storage

Seed saving and storing is an annual ritual for many gardeners and heirloom seeds are a family tradition passed down through the generations. There’s something really special about planting seeds that came from generations before us. Seed saving is another form of family legacy to pass down with each generation growing good crops from proven … Read more


How to Store Carrots Plus Carrot Nutrition and Recipes

Protect Your Harvest and Make it Last When the abundant carrot harvest rolls in, it’s time to process them. But how to store carrots to last as long as possible? With proper preparation and storage your carrots can last for months and see you to the next harvest if you’re planting two crops per year. … Read more


Home Freeze Dryer – Preserving Food for Long Term Storage

If you’re into preserving and storing food, chances are you’ve considered investing in a home freeze dryer. We certainly have and thus began the research. Fortunately, an awesome lady in the GardensAll and Planting for Retirement community has lot of experience with a home freeze dryer and has shared that with us! Food Preservation and … Read more


Best Food Dehydrators for Drying Your Garden Harvest

Best food dehydrators and food dehydration methods and sun drying #BestFoodDehydrators #FoodDehydrationMethods #DryingFoods #DehydratingFruits

Humans have been preserving food for eons. Since before 12,000 B.C. according to archaeological findings. Ancient humans preserved food through sun and wind in temperate climates and through freezing in colder climates. But which are the best food dehydrators available today? Canning, which is the most common preservation method of our times, is the most … Read more


Grow a Victory Garden to See You Through Hard Times

This year, we invite our fellow gardeners to join us in planting more so we can share more. Whether it’s digging up the lawn, adding space-saving vertical structures, raising chickens, or starting early with protective covers… whatever it takes to grow more, we encourage you to grow a Victory Garden. In This Covid-19 (Corona Virus) … Read more


Birch Tree Water – a Growing Business

Making Sweet Water Instead of Waste If you enjoy coconut water, as we do, you may also want to look for and try some tree water. Also called “sweet water”, and “sap on tap”, tree water is growing in popularity and can now be found in health food and specialty stores as well as on … Read more