Benefits of White Vinegar for Flowers, Ants, Mosquito Bites and Weeds

There are many benefits of white vinegar… but contrary to popular organic garden lore, don’t use it on the weeds!! From homemade insect repellent and mosquito bite remedy to cleaning and getting rid of ants, there are many benefits of white vinegar as an essential home and garden staple. However… Don’t use acetic acid for … Read more

Rain Water Storage Barrels

cabin rainchain, rain barrel

Did you know just ¼ inch of rain coming off of a 20 by 20 foot Rainwater roof will fill a 60-gallon barrel? And that those 60 gallons will cover up to 100 square feet with an inch of water? Rain water storage barrels are an awesome way to water your garden. How Much Rain Water … Read more

Tap a Tree: Sweet Tree Water Expected to be Billion Dollar Industry by 2025

More than Maple Water If you enjoy coconut water, as we do—we use it regularly in our green juices blended daily in our ancient Vitamix—you may also want to look for and try some “sap on tap”, sweet water now available in health food and specialty store. The tree water isn’t nearly as sweet naturally, in … Read more

Indoor Emergency Water Storage Containers

Faucet, low water pressure

Water jugs, water tanks, water bobs… Water storage containers are essential for emergency preparedness. You do NOT want to ever run out of water. When you’re out of water, things go downhill quickly. In the past year our well went out twice. It worked great for 25 years before the pump finally gave out. Then … Read more

When Your Water Well Pump Stops Working

Do you have a backup plan if your well stops pumping? We love our well water. It’s drawn from 250 feet down, is great tasting and not “hard” at all. No fluoride or chlorine to worry about. No water bill, except for the electricity cost for the pump of course. And up until last Friday, … Read more