Spiraea Thunbergii, Baby’s Breath Spiraea, a White Flowering Shrub

An Early Spring Pollinator and Fragrant Perennial Ornamental Landscape Shrub One of our favorite early spring flowering shrubs is the white blossomed Baby’s Breath Spirea, Spiraea thunbergii. Sometimes spelled as Spirea, this lovely perennial shrub offers early spring pollinator flowers for bees and is the first flowering shrub in our garden. Spiraea thunbergii Common Names: … Read more


Fragrant Sweet Box – Sarcococoa Hookeriana var Humilis

As a member of the Boxwood (Buxacae) Family, the Sweet Box earns its common name. Our particular planting (Sarcococoa hookeriana var humilis) originates from the western slopes of the Himalayas. #Flowers #Ideas #Landscaping #Layout #Decorations #DIY #Containers #Planting #Tips #Beautiful #FrontYards #Beds #Aesthetic

Sweet Smelling, Shade Loving, Evergreen Groundcover In spring, there’s a certain glossy green ground cover—the fragrant sweet box—that’s easy to overlook until this time of year. This evergreen ground cover is well worth an introduction. Perhaps, the most surprising feature of the Fragrant Sweet Box shrub is how such a pervasive fragrance can issue from … Read more


Edible Hedges for Privacy and Food

We love the concept of edible landscapes. For years we've only planted for beauty and aesthetics, mainly because we live in the woods where it's been too shady for a full on vegetable garden. #LowMaintenance #FrontYard #Photography #Ideas #Backyard #AroundHouse #Design #Edging #DIY #EdibleShrubs #Plants #Garden #Nature

Eat That Hedge! We love the concept of edible hedges and landscapes toward expanding food options. There are many plants that are both ornamental edible, and also medicinal. The best of both worlds of beauty and function. For years we’ve only planted for beauty and aesthetics, mainly because we live in the woods where it’s … Read more


Foodscaping Ideas That Put Your Yard to Work for You

Garden Seed Sales Are at a Historical High Gardening, foodscaping and edible landscaping is not only a recession-proof hobby and industry, it’s one that tends to thrive in harder times. While the lawn and ornamental plant industry struggled following the 2008 housing bubble meltdown, then as now, the food gardening segment grew and is still growing. W. … Read more


Blue Hostas – a Popular Blue Perennial

Blue hosta

Gardeners and landscapers favor this lovely hosta plant with the bluish tint. Blue hostas come in all sizes and shapes but often the bigger the better for landscape accents. When it comes to the colors of perennial plants in the garden, blue is by far the most rare. What Makes Blue Hostas Blue? Blue hostas develop a … Read more


Beautiful Front Yard Vegetable Gardens

Harvesting Instead of Mowing Convert your front lawn into a gardenscape. No more mowing! Instead, you can grow edible plants that are also lovely, including fresh garden vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits! Who decided that grass should be the “standard” house front? Sure, an expanse of fresh mown green lawn is beautiful, and who doesn’t … Read more


Rugosa Rose Bush – Growth, Benefits and Uses

Rugosa Rose - A stout and lovely "lady" that can fend for herself, while offering lots of benefits. (So that we can overlook her rough spots) ;-) 🌸🌹🌺🌹🌸🌹🌺🌹🌸 #RosaRugosa #Rosehips #BeneficialRosebush #EdibleFlowers #MedicinalPlants #BeneficialPlants

The rugosa rose bush is a stout and ferocious grower that can fend for herself. Sometimes written as rosa rugosa, rugoso and regosa, no matter how you spell it or say it, this bush is one prolific shrub with tremendous benefits. Rosa Rugosa has her liabilities too, but far more on the plus side. So … Read more


Espalier Fruit Trees – More Fruit in Less Space

Apple tree espalier

Small yard? Colder climate? Try espalier! Many people would love to grow fruit trees, but for the space it takes and the warmer climate and higher growing zones needed. Even dwarf fruit trees can take up a lot of space in smaller yards. In such cases, espalier fruit trees may be the way to go. … Read more


Rooting Hormones for Plants for Best Propagation

Pruning cherry tree and Plant Propagation for Free Plants. #PlantPropagation #FreePlants #Pruning #GrowthHormones #RootingHormonesForPlants

Rooting hormones for plants are not essential to plant propagation, but definitely helpful and can significantly increase chances of successfully rooting cuttings. You can use rooting hormones for all plants, however they’re most beneficial for woody plants. For the added time and expense it’s just not as practical or necessary for herbaceous plants. Rooting hormones … Read more


HOA Gardening Rules and and Workarounds

Artichoke plant in landscape - ornamental and edible. #EdibleLandscape #OrnamentalEdiblePlants #AttractiveVegetablePlants #ArtichokeBlossom

Do Your HOA Gardening Rules Restrict or Ban Gardening? Homeowner’s Associations — HOA gardening rules — have foiled many an aspiring gardener. If your HOA restricts food gardens, partially or completely, there are still ways to work edibles into your ornamental landscapes. During the Covid-19 quarantine, a friend shared that their HOA had sent them … Read more