Natural Homegrown Remedies for Common Ailments

Natural Homemade Remedies for Natural Health and Healing. #HomemadeRemedies #NaturalHealth #NaturalRemedies

Natural Remedies… Farmacopoeia… Plants Before Pills. There’s lots of turbulence in and around big pharma today. Modern medicine can be a lifesaver, so this article on homegrown remedies is NOT an anti-pharma rant. Rather, it’s about focusing on prevention and utilization of the pharmacopoeia of healing plants provided by nature first, whenever possible. In our … Read more


Hemp vs Marijuana + CBD Oil Benefits and Uses

hemp, growing hemp, hemp farm, WV hemp

There’s understandably, a lot of confusion in the difference between hemp vs marijuana and CBD. We were confused too, so we dug in deep to better understand this hot topic of the day. We’re not only interested in possibly using marijuana and hemp medically, but we also researched it toward considering growing it as a … Read more


Fire Cider Recipes and Benefits

Natural Immune Boosters to Make at Home A Shot a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Well… maybe. It sounds good and we’re all familiar with the old axiom of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” When it comes to the potent fire cider recipes and benefits, it can definitely boost your immune system … Read more


Types of Garlic and How to Grow and Harvest Garlic

Do You Know the Types of Garlic? Ah, garlic. Garlic growers and connoisseurs know that there are three overarching types of garlic. These are softneck, hardneck and elephant garlic. Softneck garlic Hardneck garlic Elephant garlic In this article you’ll not only learn more about the types of garlic, but also how to grow garlic as well … Read more


Camellia Sasanqua for Fall Flowers (and Tea!)

camellia sasanqua; autumn moon camellia sasanqua

The many varieties and cultivars of the Camellia sasanqua plants are treasured by fall gardeners. The sasanqua variety of camellias are hardy plants with lustrous evergreen foliage and a vast array of fall blooms. But camellias are so much more than beautiful flowering bushes. Besides beauty, there are many benefits and uses for the Camellia … Read more


Growing Sunchokes – AKA -Jerusalem Artichokes

Meet Helianthus Tuberosus We’re in our 8th year of growing sunchokes, the Helianthus tuberosus plant, and are glad that our plantings are slowly expanding. Common names include Jerusalem artichoke, sunchoke or sun choke, sun root, and lambchokes. Some people can’t imagine growing Sunchokes any more than they can imagine growing dandelions on purpose. That’s because … Read more


Growing Lemon Balm, Uses and Harvesting

Growing Lemon Balm

Growing lemon balm, Melissa officinalis, is a lemon scented mint that has gained popularity as people search for a more natural lifestyle. With ample benefits this mint has an appealing zingy, citrusy flavor. If you’re not quite sure how to grow, use, harvest, and enjoy this hardy and prolific herb, don’t worry. With a little … Read more


Natural Antifungal Herbs – Remedies for Candida

ANTIFUNGAL HERBS and NATURAL REMEDIES for CANDIDA include calendula flowers and more. #AntifungalHerbs #NaturalRemedies #Calendula

Fungal Rashes – The Fungus Among Us Antifungal herbs are growing in popularity as more people look for natural remedies for all kinds of health issues. Fungus lurks everywhere. It’s in locker room showers, and piles of used towels.  It creeps in garden soil and borrowed shoes.  It even exists in the very air we … Read more


Beet Recipes – Delicious and Beneficial in Lowering Blood Pressure

Beet Recipes

When the beet crop is coming in, it’s time to get a cooking, canning and juicing. So many wonderful beet recipes for these nutrient packed red bulbous roots and leaves! Beetroot tops are great chopped up in salads, juiced for green juice or steamed served with salt and butter, and are of course the foundation … Read more


Homemade Ginger Ale with Real Ginger for Taste and Health

Homemade Ginger Ale - a delicious beverage with benefits. #HomemadeGingerAle #DIYGingerale #HealthySodas #GingerHealthBenefits #GingerDrink

The Real Ginger Ale Homemade ginger ale can be such a refreshing—and healthy—beverage, especially if you make your own using fresh ginger root. It tastes much better and more real than most on the market today. Beyond that, homemade ginger ale provides some of the health benefits of ginger root. Store Bought Ginger Ale Can’t Compare … Read more