Easy Growing Culinary Herbs for Flavor and Nutrition

Fresh Herbs Enhance Food and Health Growing a kitchen herb garden is immensely rewarding and doesn’t require an especially green thumb. Home cooks, gardeners, and world-class chefs all prize culinary herbs as essential ingredients for the best food in the world.  Most kitchen herbs are simple to grow and can immediately transform simple foods into … Read more


Bee Balm Uses, Benefits and Growing

Meet the Monardas… the crowning glory of the mint plant family (Lamiaceae)! The bee balm uses and benefits are many, both for you and your garden. When it comes to bee balm, there are numerous colors available for adding visual delight as well as edible and medicinal benefit. Bee balm (Monarda species) is an herbaceous … Read more


Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy Rash

Home Remedies for Treating Poison Ivy Rash Poison Ivy rash can be excruciating. If you have poison ivy in your yard, you’ll want effective homemade natural remedies for poison ivy rash first and foremost. The itchy red bumpy raised areas that can eventually ooze icky liquid can show up from a few hours to a … Read more


Horseradish Benefits and Uses – it’s a Lot More than Relish!

Pungent, Punchy and Potent  If you’re not yet growing horseradish, you may want to. From leaf to root, the horseradish benefits are numerous to boot! Pungent, punchy and potent, you can use the roots, leaves and flowers of the humble horseradish plant.  Horseradish, (Armoracia rusticana), is a pungent root often used as a relish. Fresh … Read more


How to Make Calendula Oil

By Jane Seeley, contributing writer  Common Name for Calendula Common name: CalendulaScientific name: Calendula officinalisFamily: Compositae It was over twenty years ago when I first heard about the herb calendula. A friend of mine was making and selling salves and creams from olive oil infused with healing flowers and herbs and I acquainted myself with the flowers that she … Read more


Fire Cider Recipes and Benefits

Natural Immune Boosters to Make at Home A Shot a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Well… maybe. It sounds good and we’re all familiar with the old axiom of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” When it comes to the potent fire cider recipes and benefits, it can definitely boost your immune system … Read more


Uses and Benefits of Calendula

Calendula, the Little Plant that Could The benefits of calendula are many. Calendula officinalis, is a perky little flower from a very worthy family of plants. Related to—and sometimes confused with—Marigold (Tagetes), they’re both little cousins of the Sunflower family (Asteraceae or Compositae). Calendula, a.k.a. Pot Marigold, is hardy as an early spring plant that lasts … Read more


Consider Growing Catnip for Mosquito Repellent and Medicinal Benefits

cats on catnip

Catnip is for people too, with many uses and benefits. Everyone knows that most cats love catnip, but fewer realize that catnip is not just for cats. In fact, growing catnip is a good idea, even if you don’t have cats! Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a delightful, soothing and medicinally beneficial herb for humans too! So … Read more


Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed: A Complex Relationship

Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed

Monarch butterflies and milkweed, enjoy a complicated relationship. You know the type. It’s a scenario in which the two mutual parties are co-dependent upon one another. Of course, that level of dependency is fraught with pitfalls.  The majestic monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), is strikingly royal in appearance, and yet these delicate creatures migrate 6,000 miles roundtrip, … Read more


Sambucus Canadensis and Sambucus Nigra, the Edible Elderberries

About the American Elderberry and Black Elderberry Genus: SambucusSpecies: Canadensis and Nigra These common elderberries are the best edible elderberry species. Elderberry plants are both ornamental and functional. It’s no wonder that nurseries are cultivating patented and increasingly beautiful versions of this amazing wild shrub. In this article, we’re focusing on common elderberry as it … Read more