Dandelion for Food, Tea, Wine and Health

A favorite, nutrient-packed edible weed. Would you poison your food or throw away good medicine? No, of course not! So just how did we get to this place where each year Americans spend billions to do just that? In the early days of America, there were Native American tribes who “hunted” buffalo by driving herds off … Read more

Growing Herbs Year Round for Food and Medicine

Fresh herbs are wonderful to use in the kitchen to enhance flavor and nutritional value of any dish. Buying planters to sit on a kitchen counter or windowsill can add to your kitchen décor and naturally freshen the air, so even if you have an outdoor garden, you may want a few pots of your most … Read more

Best Immune Boosting Herbs for Colds and Flu

Helpful Herbs for Immunity and When the Bug’s Got You Down Each season has its share of colds and flus, with an apparent concentration of this in winter months. Indoor climates—such as schools, office buildings, and other public spaces—expose us to a greater concentrations of germs. The combination of less fresh air, and dramatic temperature and weather fluctuations can … Read more

Medicinal Teas for Colds and Flu

My Doctor’s Dilemma “Patients come to me for colds and flu and they want me to prescribe something like an antibiotic. They don’t realize that with most colds and flu the body will heal itself in about the same amount of time. But if I don’t prescribe something they feel like I’m not doing my … Read more

Plantago Major and Lanceolata – a Wild Edible to Know and Grow

Plantain is an edible and medicinal plant and one of the best weeds for food and medicine. Don’t kill that weed!

Don’t kill that weed! Like dandelion, plantain is an edible and medicinal plant and one of the best weeds for food and medicine. And, it is the weed we’re talking about here, not the sweetish starchy fruit often cooked and eaten as a staple vegetable food in tropical regions of the world. That plantain in the musa, … Read more

Fire Cider Benefits and Recipes

A Shot a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Well… maybe. It sounds good and we’re all familiar with the old axiom of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We all also understand that while it’s not literal, there is wisdom there, because apples are a delightful nutritious food that’s readily available. Expanding on … Read more

Natural Cures and Home Remedies You Can Grow

Natural Remedies… Farm-acopeia… Plants Before Pills. There’s lots of turbulence in and around big pharma today. Modern medicine can be a lifesaver, so this isn’t to knock that. Rather, it’s about focusing on prevention and utilization of the pharmacopeia of healing plants provided by nature first. I’ve always been interested in medicinal plants and healing through … Read more

Natural Antifungal Herb Remedies for Candida

Fungal Rashes – The Fungus Among Us It lurks in locker room showers, and piles of used towels.  It creeps in garden soil and borrowed shoes.  It even exists in the very air that we breathe and every surface we touch. Fungus!  Waiting to infect us with unspeakable rashes that can be hard to cure. … Read more

Jerusalem Artichokes – Sunchokes – Health Benefits and Growing

Are you familiar with Jerusalem artichokes? Perhaps you know them as sunchokes, sunroot or earth apples? Or how about topinambour? We had to look up how to say that one. Apparently topinambour is French for Jerusalem artichoke, and is pronounced: toe-pee nahm-BORE. Anyway, the “sun” part of the name is derived after the lovely yellow … Read more

Beet Recipes – Beneficial in Lowering Blood Pressure

Lettuce Turnip the BEET! Okay, so that’s a bit corny… and cheesy, but it’s still punny, so we’re going to milk it for all it’s worth! The beet crop is coming in and they are nutrient packed bundles! All parts of the beet can be eaten, from the lovely green tops to the bulbous roots and … Read more