3 Backyard Weeds You Can Eat

Don’t Spray Those Wild Weeds! Eat them instead!  Well, some of them! So many of the plants that we treat as pests in our lawns are both delicious and nutritious wild edible weeds. If we were on a hike and saw a head of broccoli or kale, we’d know what that was and that we … Read more

Best Pomegranate Deseeder Tool for Pomegranate Season

pomegranate shrub

The Potent Pomegranate We knew that pomegranate, Punica granatum, was delicious and nutritious. But wow! We had no idea just how powerful it is. Pomegranate seems to be a virtual miracle food and every part of the pomegranate plant has beneficial healing properties! The pomegranate fruit, pith, skin, leaves, flowers, bark and roots all have … Read more

3 Ingredient Herbal Teas for Colds and Flu

Easy Herbal Remedies for When You’re Sick Gardeners eat healthier. It just goes hand-in-hand that anyone who gardens will be consuming some of the freshest and healthiest food on the planet on a regular basis. Many of us grow herbs in addition to vegetables, for flavor-enhancement to cooking. The added nutritional value is a huge … Read more

Marsh Mallow Plant – a Return to Edible and Medicinal Roots

The Prodigal Weed – The Marshmallow Plant Wild edible and medicinal, the marsh mallow plant, after which the marshmallow treat was named, comes from a large family of mallows. Called Malvaceae, the Mallow family includes okra, hibiscus, and cottons. The latin for marshmallow, tells us what it’s about. Althea officinalis, is named after the Greek Althea, meaning “heal” or “cure”. … Read more