Harvesting, Freezing and Storing Winter Squash

The most popular winter squash next to pumpkins, is butternut squash. But when it comes to winter squash, gardeners have a wealth of selections to choose from. The squash family is huge. Audio Article – Winter Squash:  All types of winter squash belong in the Cucurbitaceae family, the same family as cucumbers, watermelon and summer … Read more

Cucumber Water with Lemon and Mint

cucumber water, fruit waters

Cucumber Water Benefits and Recipes Botanical Name: Cucumis sativusCucumber in Spanish: Pepino I remember the first time I had cucumber water. We checked into a hotel in Oregon and there was a lovely large urn at the front desk with cucumber and lemon floating in it. We were tired and thirsty after a long trip … Read more

Hummingbird Food Preferences and Recipe

Ruby throated hummingbird feeding

People love to put out hummingbird food to attract these little jewels, and for good reason. Not only are hummingbirds delightful to see in your garden, they also eat lots of bugs, so go ahead and give them some hummingbird food to attract them, and they’ll help out with mosquitoes and other insects while they’re … Read more

Spiralized Zucchini Recipes and the Simplest Way to Use Veggie Noodles

We are still loving this cool kitchen gadget, the Spiralizer, and can’t wait for the abundant zucchini harvest to roll in! When it’s time for summer squash harvest bonanza, or, if you’re just looking to create healthier but delicious dishes, spiralized zucchini recipes are the way to go for delicious pasta using healthy, low-cal veggie noodles. … Read more

Homestead Living and Journey to Self Sufficiency

We’ll get to all the MANY triumphs and failures of this homestead living journey in just a few, but first, everyone loves a good story. But, if you want to just get to the meat of it, scroll on down to title “Hit Hard by a Superbug” to get into the homesteading topics and fermentation … Read more

Homemade Probiotics – Powerful Medicine from Your Garden

The Homely Cabbage Transforms into a Super Food For pennies on the dollar, you can turn your garden cabbage into a virtual miracle medicine. This is a “medicine” that should be in every refrigerator. We’re big on prevention, and sauerkraut has top shelf in our health chest. The bad news: most store bought sauerkrauts do … Read more

Make Your Own Fermented Foods for Preservation and Health

Fermentation – a centuries old method for preserving food. Most gardeners preserve their vegetables by freezing or canning them. The more traditional way of preservation is fermented foods. Long before refrigeration was ever even a seed of an idea, fermentation was the method for preserving food. Fermentation for preservation is not just for harvest time. We’re fermenting … Read more

Dandelion for Food, Tea, Wine and Health

A favorite, nutrient-packed edible weed. Would you poison your food or throw away good medicine? No, of course not! So just how did we get to this place where each year Americans spend billions to do just that? In the early days of America, there were Native American tribes who “hunted” buffalo by driving herds off … Read more

Cute Kalettes – the Offspring of Kale and Brussel Sprouts

Kale Married Brussel Sprout and Had Sweet and Nutty Kalettes Have you heard of—or tried—Kalettes yet? If you enjoy Kale and Brussel Sprouts, this may be of interest. We grew these last year, but they didn’t do so well, and froze with our first frost, even though they were under a cloche. If you’ve grown these … Read more

How to Store Carrots plus Carrot Nutrition and Recipes

Protect Your Harvest and Make it Last When the abundant carrot harvest rolls in, it’s time to plan for storing them to last as long as possible. Proper carrot storage through the winter months will help them last and keep them from rotting. The first step in storing carrots actually begins with your planting plan. … Read more