Best Food Dehydrators for Drying Your Garden Harvest

Humans have been preserving food for eons. Since before 12,000 B.C. according to archaeological findings. Ancient humans preserved food through sun and wind in temperate climates and through freezing in colder climates. Canning, which is the most common preservation method of our times, is the most modern method of food preservation.1) Adibatic is the term for … Read more

Indoor Greenhouse Garden for Seed Starting and More

We’ve been pouring through all the seed catalogs to see what new vegetables we’d like to try this coming growing season. We’re in zone 7a, and it’s getting close to time to start setting up our seed flats. Santa brought me the #1 thing on my wishlist: an indoor greenhouse and I’ve been playing around with it … Read more

Best Air Cookers for oil-free cooking – Are they worth it?

Air Fryer, Oil-Less Cooker or Air Cooker? Though the names are used interchangeably, we think “Air Cooker” is the most descriptive term because these oil-less cookers don’t only “fry” foods… nor are they only “oil less”. they also cook them similar to a roaster depending on the recipe and the settings you use. Whatever name you … Read more

Home Freeze Dryer – Preserving Food for Long Term Storage

Lyophilization That’s what it’s called when you freeze dry something. When it comes to food, it’s the ultimate food preservation and storage option. The ultimate food preservation and storage solution. While working on an article on food dehydration, we found our way into the realm of freeze drying food. A GardensAll community member and contributing writer, Kathie … Read more

Best Picnic Tables for Summer Fun

Lifetime brand picnic table

Few things say summer like picnic tables and picnics. Picnic tables are a slice of American summer nostalgia, topped with plates of grilled hot dogs, hamburgers—with all the toppings—potato salad and watermelon. There’s just something about a picnic table that invites a hangout. Perhaps it’s the memories… perhaps it’s how the backless bench seat invites … Read more