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It’s Tea Time… for Your Plants!

Care for a “cup of rosy” for your posies?

Really, if you wish to increase the health and productivity of your plants, give them a huge boost, make them more disease and pest resistant, and inoculate your soil with 10,000 times as many microbes as there are in regular compost, compost tea is the ultimate tonic. This applies especially to organic growers, but every garden can reap the benefits.

Compost tea is the ultimate tonic

If you took a shovel and dumped it into a bucket of water, then waited a few days, you’d have a mild elixir (or leachate) of nutrition to pour on your plants. But when you add lots of oxygen, sugars, and other stimulants, the bacteria and fungii will go at it like mad rabbits and begin doubling in population every 7 minutes. Let this brew on for 24 to 48 hours and you’ll have millions of microbes and in tens of thousands of varieties all ready to infuse your garden with abundance and supercharged vitality!

We’ve made compost tea before but wanted to go deeper and better, so we scoured the web for the best DIY sources on how to make this wonderful garden ambrosia. By far, the best presentation is by Bob Webster. Watch and learn. We did!1)

We plan to start brewing again this weekend, and will report on the process and the results as we go along. For everyone that’s looking to hop on the compost tea wagon, welcome aboard and happy brewing!

Your plants will love you for it!

Compost Tea Supplies You May Need:

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