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Your Garden Oasis – Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Have you created your own garden oasis?

If you’d like to share it with us on Facebook, we’ll add it to this article for more to enjoy your landscape artistry. We’ll include your name (unless you prefer to be anonymous). If you have a website and/or Facebook page, we can share your links too.

Meanwhile, we have some visual treats and ideas in to follow that might get you fired up with even ore ideas for transforming your yard into a garden sanctuary.

Transform A Small Backyard into a Work of Garden Art

In this short video we see a transformation from a plain, nondescript yard into a backyard haven. Four years in the making, this is clearly a labor of love for nature and creating “landscape art”.


Japanese Zen Garden – Walking Meditation

Interested in Japanese zen gardens? The video below is from the Kikiyaya Zen Garden in The Netherlands. Watch Pantau Chan taking care of her Zen garden. Relax while watching her raking the garden with zen circles and enjoy the sounds.

The Japanese rock garden (枯山水 karesansui?) or “dry landscape” garden, often called a zen garden, creates a miniature stylized landscape. Japanese gardens are considered amongst the most beautiful in the world, and zen gardens are one example of elegance and grace and how the arrangement of things can actually create quiet and calm for the observer.

Zen gardens are carefully composed arrangements of a variety of elements. It can be any combination of single selection of rocks, water features, moss, pruned trees and bushes, and uses gravel or sand that is raked to represent ripples in water.

In this video Pantau Chan performs a virtual “walking meditation” as we follow her through all the steps of creating garden art in her zen garden.

Even if you only have an apartment, you can still create a miniature zen garden. mini zen garden

Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Diana-weeping-larch_Image-by- Jennifer-Benner_Fine-Gardening
Diana weeping larch – Image by Jennifer Benner, on Fine Gardening

So you’re short on yard and garden space? We’ve been inspired by just how much some folks manage to grow in their small spaces, including some that have a virtual orchard in theirs by growing dwarf fruit trees and berry bushes.

But if you’re keen on creating more living yard art, you might want to include some amazing ornamental trees. An article by David Leckey, on Fine Gardening offers small trees with accompanying pictures descriptions that should get your creative juices flowing.1)

Dwarf Fruit Trees for Small Yards

No store bought food can ever compare to fresh picked. It’s just the way it is. So while you’re considering the landscape design for your yard, consider incorporating dwarf fruit trees toward a more edible landscape.

Some folks in the non-tropical regions even have good luck growing these in containers and bringing them in during winter.

We’re having great luck with our Meyer’s lemon trees. They’re producing lovely aromatic flowers that are turning into loads of baby lemons, some of which have matured into delicious lemons, mildly tart but not sour or bitter. These have done so well we’ve envisioned a greenhouse full of them.2)

We also have an avocado tree and though it blossomed this year, the blossoms fell off before becoming fruit, so we need to research that one. If you’ve had success in growing dwarf avocados in containers, indoors in winter and outside in summer, please let us know.

Dwarf Avocado Tree available on Amazon
Dwarf Avocado Tree available on Amazon
Dwarf Avocado Tree-Fruits-Amazon
Dwarf Avocado Tree Fruits – Dwarf Trees available on Amazon

We’re out of space now for indoor growing, but as soon as we can we’ll add some dwarf fruit trees such as this dwarf peach, nectarine and cherries.

Dwarf Peach Tree-Amazon
Dwarf Peach Tree on Amazon

So again, please let us know what kind of dwarf fruit trees you’ve had success in growing, especially in zones with winter.

Now to get our creative juices going, here’s a tantalizing video clip on growing dwarf fruits in small yards or balconies by Ari and Emma of Way to Grow with Shirley Bovshow in her fantastic backyard orchard.

Beautiful ladies… beautiful gardens… beautiful fruit!

Let’s get growing!

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