Got wood? Make stuff!

Living in the woods as we do, there’s always plenty of wood to be found, and our son, Nikolai, enjoys making things out of it. As with anything any of us make, whether it’s cooking something, painting, writing or found wood projects, some things turn out better than others, just like some plants do better than others.

We’ve always admired natural woodcrafting and rustic creations. We call our home “rustic zen”… though the zen part has been crowded out a bit by 25 years living in the same home and the way “stuff” can accumulate. And yet… in hard times, “stuff” might be used somehow, so it’s hard to decide when to “get rid” of those things that “just might come in handy some day”, you know?

Anyway, back to the topic of handmade rustic furniture and things. My favorite kind of wood art is that which uses “found wood”, such as driftwood like pieces. There’s so much natural beauty in these. And yet, from seeing Nikolai make things, you come to realize that even rustic pieces need some finessing, and it can be hard to know when to sand something and whether to stain it or leave it natural.


Fortunately, there are some good books out there, which we’ve gifted Nikolai on various occasions, and we’ll place those in the Amazon section at the end of this page. Bottom line, like anything we take on, persistent effort over time, combined with learning from those who know more than we do on the topic, is the key to success.

So we were delighted to find some videos on making rustic wood furniture, starting with a beautiful log lounger followed by a simple Viking Chair and a basic log bench.

Page 2: How to make a log lounger.

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