You can’t eat the grass.

But you can create an edible landscape design.

So here’s the thing. As much as we may enjoy seeing a lovely lawn and feeling fresh grass beneath bare feet, a lawn is not sustainable. Lawns require work and produce nothing to sustain human life.

Lawn to Garden

Sure, lawns are lovely, and definitely require less work than an edible garden. Lawns keep weeds out and help a yard look neat. Lawns may feed our aesthetic sensibilities, but they don’t feed our families or nourish our bodies.

Today, lawns are shrinking and gardens are expanding. It may be time to put your yard to work for you.

But if you love your lawn, there’s still a way you can have the best of both worlds.

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Replace Lawn with Edible Garden Plants

Growing your own food is not only a great way to save money, it’s also environmentally responsible—bringing more plants to life… reducing the fuel (fossil) expended to acquire fuel (food)—and very rewarding.1)

If you enjoy gardening, then like most gardeners, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways to grow more in less space as well as taking less time to grow and tend the garden. One of the best ways to begin replacing lawn with an edible garden is a little at a time, such as by widening your landscaped patches and adding in your favorite edible plants, shrubs and fruit trees.2)

One of the best ways to begin replacing lawn with an edible garden is a little at a time.

We’ve written about how to turn your yard into an urban farm in another article that may interest you, and you can find that link in the references at the end of this page and article.3) First, here we share a few tips to help your back yard vegetable garden grow and your lawn, shrink. (Or it could be your front yard or side yard garden too).4)


First, if you have more lawn than garden, it’s time to convert some of that turf into a garden patch or greenhouse.

Imagine… At day’s end, you relax in your garden oasis as you pluck fresh vegetables for dinner.

Imagine walking out your door into a yard garden—and urban oasis—and a greenhouse of plants that are producing food. Instead of stopping off at the store for fresh produce on your way home from work, you go straight home, and stroll into your own yard garden and pluck fresh ripe produce… from “farm to fork”… from yard to table…

…from mowing grass to growing food.

Instead of spending precious time and money on your lawn… you’re saving money growing food that’s healthier and more delicious. How rewarding!

Imagine a stroll in your backyard “store” of food… your own edible garden, over mowable grass.

When we consider the quality added to our lives in time saved, healthy food access, less time cutting things down (grass) versus growing things (edibles), it’s not so expensive or odd to have a garden and a greenhouse in our back yard. In fact, it’s rather odd not to if we think about it… odd that so many have moved so far from growing our own food as our ancestors did for eons.

A backyard garden just makes sense. Imagine a stroll in your backyard “store” of food… your own edible garden, over mowable grass… picking fresh produce in peace and quiet instead of riding or pushing a noisy mower… or pushing a shopping cart through aisles of highly processed packaged food or produce tables with displays of chemically treated fruits and vegetables.

Time to implement landscaping ideas that put your yard to work for you.

Now let’s move into garden details like effective watering strategies and garden planning on page 2, followed by helpful plants to add to your edible landscaped yard.

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