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Lettuce harvest, healthy greens

Garden musings sprouted into a money story about health, wealth and happiness.

Money is like gardening. The more you grow, the more you have. The more you work on it, the more it grows.

Money can bring freedom, but a garden…. a garden brings so much more. A garden brings health and inspiration, and at harvest time, a garden is wealth.

Standing in a garden in season is to feel nature’s abundance.

Many people for eons have been programmed to think about money as “dirty”. You know… “filthy rich”, and how those two words so often go together.  Similarly, a global mindset seems to exist where the word “rich” is often preceded by “greedy”. It reminds me of a story that I once heard. I wish I could find that original story, for I’m sure it’s a better rendition than mine. So if you recognize the original in this, please let me know and I’ll add info and credit for that. Until then, here is my rendition.

Ornamental Kale, Edible Kale
Ornamental and Edible Kale Varieties

A Money Story:

The Rich Man on the Hill… and a Tale of Two Men

There’s a story of a wealthy man in a small village. The man lived in a beautiful large villa on a hill overlooking the quaint picturesque village below. There were two men in this village who worked the fields and farm owned by the wealthy man.

Each day they’d each leave their homes to go to work. One man would look up at the hill topped by the sprawling estate, spit on the ground and mutter under his breath some derogatory comment about “the filthy rich”, and how that huge mansion was a blight on the hill.

The second man would kiss his wife goodbye, and head out the door with his son, walking him to school on his way to the fields.

He’d say to his son, “See that mansion on the hill? We’re gonna have a home like that someday. I’ve seen inside that mansion. The owner reads lots of books. He says books and hard work helped make him wealthy. That’s why you need to buckle down and do your school work. That’s why I buckle down and do my field work. Each day I’m grateful to be healthy and strong enough to work. But at night, I study like you.”

“Yes Pa,” said the boy.

And thus the years passed and the lives of the two men progressed, day after day, year after year. Each year the first man became more hunched over, bitter lines etched around his mouth, pointing downward along with his gaze.

Each year the second man, continued to stand straight and tall, looking upward at his goal… his vision of his future life, with a smile. The lines on his face pointed upward… engraving a perpetual gentle smile of optimism.

Each year the man stood straight and tall, looking upward at his goal… his vision of his future life.

His son grew tall and straight, and worked after school with his father. Each year, their livestock and garden grew along with their savings. They learned how to raise dairy cows and goats, how to make and sell the cheese and milk… how to invest their earnings in another cow and another goat. How to set up a shop in the village and the wife and mother learned to make soap and candles and run their village shop.

Then one year the second man met with his boss, the owner. He asked for his help in buying land of his own. The boss was a kind man with a good heart. He had been an immigrant… starting from nothing and had a special place in his heart for a hard worker like himself. The owner had been watching this man and had been coaching him through the years whenever the second man asked for advice. The wealthy owner helped the tall man buy his own farm. They became peers and friends, sharing many meals and conversations over the years, from one porch or the other, both from hilltops surveying their lands with gratitude.

They started a program to help other struggling farmers improve their farms, and this became their pet project while their sons took on the running of their farm. The lands and towns around all thrived, and the village and villagers prospered.

He didn’t understand how to plant a seed of money and have it grow into so much more, in the way nature teaches us abundance.

Except the first man. He continued working hard… he always seemed to work hard but never get ahead, and he complained about it incessantly too. He didn’t understand how to save and invest. He didn’t understand how to make the good in his life grow. He didn’t understand how to plant a seed of money and have it grow into so much more, in the way nature teaches us abundance. He grew more bitter and stooped day by day.

He didn’t understand, and he never asked.

He’d tell his friends that the second man had always been a goody two shoes… and kissed up to the boss… that he never really worked as hard. Until one day his withered and worn heart finally stopped. He died a bitter old man, long before his time, mostly alone, excepting for a few old cronies like him, struggling to make ends meet, and belittling the bastards that done this to their buddy… working him too hard.

The thing is that there is plenty of bad in the world. But there is plenty of good in the world.

Whatever we focus on is what grows in our lives.

Gardeners know to focus on growing healthy plants and the weeds pretty much take care of themselves.

When we focus on the wealth of health and abundance in the garden and the blessings in our lives, that’s what grows most.

So while some of our most popular articles are those about earning a living from your yard garden or small farm, 1) money isn’t typically a topic we cover here on But it’s important because it affects all of us and the absence or presence of it contributes to our freedom to live the life we want to live, and to afford the land to live, love and grow on.

Food is an energy that fuels our bodies.

Money is an energy that fuels our freedom.

Both are important, so tend them well.

garden quotes, gardening feeds the soul
Tender tulips… delicate yet strong. Sheer beauty!

And gardening…?

Gardening  is an effort that feeds the soul!

Some of our most popular articles are those that talk about ways to earn a living or supplemental income from growing things. If that interests you, these other articles may also appeal to you.3)

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