Transform Used CDs Into Light Catchers, Windchimes and Bird-chasers

Here are some crafty garden ideas for what to do with used CDs. And more than artsy, they’re also functional.

Helen Joe, from the Gardens All Facebook community says:
“We hang them all over our garden to ward off critters who keep coming to our garden to eat our tomatoes and fruits. It works.”

Unfortunately, we got rid of our old dust-collecting CDs years ago, by donating them to the local library, when we went digital. So that’s certainly an option for old music and movie CDs if you’ve also gone all digital.

But if you still have yours this is a fun project for you—and for kids, if you have them—to get creative and make your own. My vision for this would be to draw various mandalas on the different CDs, but there’s no limit to what you could do. You could create several and make them in different themes.

Not only do these add bright visual flare to your garden or yard, they also serve the purpose of helping to keep birds away from your berries and plants. Maybe squirrels to, but we’ve not tried it, so if you do, please let us know. We’re always looking for humane ways to keep squirrels out of our garden and from taking a bite out of each tomato!1)

You’ll find the colorful artsy CDs on page 3, but first up, a less colorful but more sparkly and shiny version of homemade wind chimes using old CDs on page 2.

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