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Plant and Garden Hacks for Indoor-Outdoor Plant Lovers

Simple plant and garden hacks

If you haven’t seen all of these, you may want to quick scan for new ideas.

3 Free Biodegradable Seedling Pots

Make biodegradable planters out of toilet paper rolls.


Stacie – Via Creative Commons1)

Start a seedling in a lemon rind.

Image from My Roman Apartment
Image from My Roman Apartment

Idea from MyRomanApartment.com2)

Or in an eggshell.

Save egg shells and the egg cartons for housing eggshell “pots” with seedlings.

Don’t have a watering can that pours how you like? Make one out of a gallon jug.

Image from Astra on

A great idea from Astra on Astra created her holes using a large needle heated at the tip for easy puncturing.3)

This idea can also be used for garden plants, if you don’t yet have a soaker hose.

[Video] Cut Your Water Usage and Watering Chores with These 4 Water Saving Methods

If you want slightly bigger holes, such as for planters and garden watering, you could use an awl and a hammer. Just place the lid on a cutting board to protect counters, or take it outside to do on your sidewalk, driveway or a piece of scrap wood.

You can do the same thing with a water bottle and water bottle cap. Then place this watering bottle upside down in a pot—or several in a planter—for slower release watering.

In another article we cover how to turn wine bottles into planters. 4) But a simple quick fix is that you can attach these handy wine bottle cap adapters watering spikes to wine bottles and turn them upside down into your pot or planters.

Wine bottle plant spike waterer.
Wine bottle plant spike waterer.

Plant Walls and Wall Hangers

Shower caddies to make a hanging garden.

This image and idea is from Ikea Hackers, an old shower caddy lined with felt or plant fabric.5)

There are so many hanging garden options these days from entire wall gardens to just hanging a few pots from a bar or deck railing.  There’s no limit to creative ways and places to grow plants indoors or out.

It could be a hanging pot from deck railing, or a towel bar placed anywhere.


… or even a repurposed old shoe organizer turned into plant pockets.

Gardeners see every opening as an opportunity to grow something!


So get some good soil... some seeds or seedlings and get to growing!

Garden Tips

Leftover Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds are great for enriching the soil. Earthworms love coffee grounds but it’s also a repellent to some pesky garden insects so coffee grounds are an all around benefit to soil, compost and plants. It’s easiest if you also drink coffee, but even if you don’t drink coffee, used grounds are easy enough to come by and some coffee shops like Starbucks, have used coffee ground programs.6)

Oh! And if you’re a tea drinker, tea bags are also beneficial in the compost mix, and are even used as a beauty treatment.7)

Oregon State University Extension Service has published a very helpful PDF on using coffee grounds for compost, soil and plant enrichment, footnoted in our references.9)

Baking Soda for Sweeter Tomatoes

Baking soda sprinkled around the base of your tomato plants, or, a teaspoon in your watering can, helps alkalinize your soil for sweeter tomatoes.

There are many others, but best to get a few good ones, apply them, then come back for more. 10)

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