The majestic rose is more than just a pretty face. Roses are the flower that keeps on giving.

So many uses from one legendary flower. Roses have historical significance across most cultures. These elegant flowers are used to express love, passion, joy, and even sorrow.

Beauty and brilliance, the rose is a flower of many uses beyond romance and sentimental value. Roses add an immediate touch of beauty and grace, elegance, fragrance and color to any environment. Rose petal strewn pathways grace weddings where and sacred events as well as foods. Rose petals grace gourmet cuisine (or fancy up a home cooked meal to look like elegant fair), and more than a decoration, rose petals are an edible garnish.

Some people grow roses as a ardent hobby, with festivals, events and contests dedicated to this most lovely specimen of flower.

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The petal of roses can be used for jams, rose water, relaxing bath mixes, fragrances, and teas.

Next time you want to present someone with a token of love, joy, or appreciation… Consider some other creative ways to present roses.

Have you ever had rose petal jam? Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Imagine giving—or getting—such a homemade gift. Almost as lovely as the flower itself…perhaps more so from the gift of time and TLC in the making.

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