Nutrient Dense Foods for High Yield

Limited space? Just getting started? Or maybe you have a large, established garden plot.

Whatever gardening place you have, when it comes to choosing what to grow it’s important to consider which foods you like most. When it comes to foods for preparedness, survival and food security, it makes sense to be sure to include foods that are high yielding per square foot, plus high in nutritional value.

We looked for plants that are high yielding per square foot plus have high nutritional value, and preferably more than one food use. Examples of multiple uses could be plants with high medicinal value, plants that have more than one edible part, such as beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes, and beets where you can eat the tuber or root and the greens, or making flour or sugar out of the ground vegetable.

Our number one pick in this line-up of five is pumpkin. Pumpkins have large amounts of nutritious flesh, and, if you get the hulless seeds, they’re dense in protein for eating straight up as seeds and can also be made into meal and oil, plus the shells of the pumpkin can even be made into receptacles, such as bowls and pots.

Here are our top five culled from Real Farmacy, (what a GREAT name, right?!).

1. Hulless pumpkins

This pumpkin variety known as Oilseed Pumpkin, grows in the summer through the fall. Hulless pumpkins are typically the easiest to grow and produce high yields of seeds and flesh. In fact, about 100-200 pounds of flesh and up to five pounds of seeds per 100 square feet are produced from this pumpkin.

Its seeds are great sources of fat and protein while its flesh is high in carbohydrates and beta-carotene.

Another great hulless pumpkin is the Russian Hulless Pumpkin – Holonasinnyy.

And a semi-hulless pumpkin seed is in the Baby Bear Pumpkin:

Pumpkin – Baby Bear 105 days. AAS Winner. Bright orange fruits measure 5 to 6 inches across and weigh… [More]

And look at this beauty, the Japanese Striped Kakai.
Japanese Striped Kakai Pumpkin: Delicious “pumpkin nuts,” striped fruits. These eye-catching, medium small, avg. 5-8 lb., black-striped pumpkins. After displaying the pumpkins in the fall you can scoop out the large, dark green, completely hulless seeds which are absolutely delicious roasted. Kakai is a variety of the Austrian type that yields the valuable green pumpkin seed oil which some European studies show promotes prostate health.1)

Gardens All TIP: For more great info on Oiled Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkins for Hulless Seeds and Pepitas, visit for an excellent article on all things hulless pumpkins. 2)
But we will include this link on the last page as well so you can first enjoy learning about 4 other High Nutrition, High Yield crops on the next page.

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Oilseed Pumpkin yields hulless pumpkin seeds, aka, pepitas. Image from

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