The 9 Lives of Jeans

Everyone loves a good pair of bluejeans and likely everyone has at least one favorite pair. So in an era when people pay good money for holey jeans… it may be hard to come by an old pair, or give them up. But when you’re finally ready to say goodbye, it maybe time to transform them into something else.

This project is super simple. Even jeans remnants and scraps can be used, so no need to throw out those extra pieces.

Turn an old pair of jeans into a Garden apron/pouch without any sewing!

From really cute bags to at least 5 other ideas. If you like to DIY, sew and grow, you will enjoy this! No… not growing jeans… but growing your garden in style with a little denim fashion! ?

We got a video tutorial and a written plan, so take your pick or enjoy both! If you create something, please do come and share about it on the Gardens All Facebook page. We’d love to see it!

Turn Old Jeans into an Apron

Now save those cut off jeans legs for the next project.

For cute ideas for bags to make from the legs of jeans plus 5 more ideas, visit page 2.