For rainy days or winter when you can’t be out planting or tending plants, you may enjoy having fun getting creative.

Bottoms up for artsy wine bottle crafts.

Here’s a fun thing to do: invite some friends over… ask them to bring empty (and one full) bottle of wine—BYOBs ?—then get to partying! Now you have wine to enjoy and bottles to craft into some cool things.

Of course always exercise caution and do not work with glass and tools if inebriated!

Also, warning to gardeners: some of these bottles won’t hold many plants… but they’re fun and cool, so if you’re a DIYer, you may enjoy scanning them.

Here’s a menu for starters. From self-watering planters, herb gardens, wind chimes, fairy lights, hurricane candle holders and even a fun Udderbot musical instrument.1) there are so many creative options!

First up is the Wine Bottle Planter.


Recycled Wine Bottle Planter


* Empty glass wine bottle, cleaned and dried
* Thick rubber band that will fit snugly around the bottle
* Wet/dry sandpaper, 1 sheet coarse grain and 1 sheet fine grain
* Tealight candle
* Paper towel
* Wool felt, 10″ x 3″ rectangle
* Cotton sewing thread
* Baked clay pellets, 1 cup
* Potted herb of your choice (or herb seeds)
* Hydroponic fertilizer


* Glass cutter (this looks like it may be the easiest; this is the cheapest, but well reviewed)
* Ruler or tape measure
* Lighter or matches
* Close fitting household cleaning gloves
* Safety goggles or glasses
* Protective face mask that covers nose and mouth
* Sewing machine (you can also sew by hand)

If this project is for you, you can get step by step instructions with photos by Haley Pearson-Cox on TheZenOf, 2)

OR, first see the awesome Ben Uyeda on the next page as he demonstrates on video, how to cut a glass bottle.

Or… if you prefer the look without taking the time to do the work, (or you just want to see an example of this kind of vase for sale), you can find a recycled grow bottle kit on Amazon:

Next: how to make a hanging herb garden from wine bottles and copper tubing, with Ben Uyeda on page 2.

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