Garden Newsletter: Edible Landscape, Heavy Rains, and Pallets

The prior two weeks had been bone dry. So, like any mindful gardener, I put in an order for rain. And it poured more than 6 inches this week with still more on it’s way over the next week! We got in some transplants in spite of the intermittent deluges. It’s always good to  plant … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Garden Arches and Irrigation Systems

This weekly update is late. We enjoyed a fine family weekend to celebrate “Mother’s Day” and relaxing away from the technology. Now we’re running to catch up and feeling a bit like Fred and Wilma in the Flintstone mobile. 😉 😃 Now that summer is basically here, we’re looking to keep our plants adequately watered and, … Read more

Keep Squirrels Out of the Garden

Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes? You bet they do! We love animals, and watching the squirrels interact and play in our woodland yard is enjoyable. But… we hate that they eat our tomatoes—and often a little bit of many of them—so we’ve been on a pursuit for how to keep squirrels out of the garden. It’s … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Short but Intense Week in the Garden

Due to an out-of-state trip, we only had 5 partial days and a lot to do in the garden. This has been the most plants we’ve seeded and transplanted this season, so it’s been a short but intense week in the garden. One of the hardest aspects of our garden is its limited space and … Read more

How to Get Rid of Moles

Got Mole Problems? If you’ve had your garden invaded and plants destroyed by moles like we have, you’re now on a mission to learn how to get rid of moles. Mole problems are a serious threat to your yard and garden. And… moles tend to prefer the nicest yards. Moles like the nicest yards. Look… … Read more

Blueberry Fertilizer and 3 Easy Steps to Healthier Bushes

If Your Blueberries are Struggling… A couple years ago, our blueberry production was way off. The 40 plants at the upper level looked to be struggling. A few didn’t make it. The blueberry production was fantastic. The next year, not so great. Was it the blueberry fertilizer, or was it the birds? Turns out it was … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Pallet Gardens and Planting Update

Garden News – April 2018 Oh Joy! The spring season is finally opening! Did you hear that April 2018 may go down as the coldest April in the USA… ever? Amazingly, vast portions of the Northeast and northern plains saw colder conditions during the first two weeks of April than those way up in Anchorage … Read more

How to Get rid of VOLES in the Yard and Garden

What do voles look like?

If you’ve ever lost your precious garden plants, veggies or fruits to burrowing critters, then you’ll want to know how to get rid of voles and moles. Chances are if you’re here reading this article it’s because you know the pain of that loss. We lost many plants to moles last year, and something is … Read more

Best Compost Tumblers and DIY Compost Bins

“Composting really is a Gardener’s best kept ~dirty~ little secret.” Connie Oliveaux One of our most popular memes we ever posted on Facebook said: “The gardening season begins on January 1st and will end on December 31st”. We were amazed at the number of likes, shares, and comments received. There’s usually a nugget of truth … Read more

Rain Water Storage Barrels

cabin rainchain, rain barrel

Did you know just ¼ inch of rain coming off of a 20 by 20 foot Rainwater roof will fill a 60-gallon barrel? And that those 60 gallons will cover up to 100 square feet with an inch of water? Rain water storage barrels are an awesome way to water your garden. How Much Rain Water … Read more