Rugosa Rose Bush – Growth, Benefits and Uses

The rugosa rose bush is a stout and ferocious grower that can fend for herself. Sometimes written as rosa rugosa, rugoso and regosa, no matter how you spell it or say it, this bush is one prolific shrub with tremendous benefits. She’s got her liabilities too, but far more on the plus side. So let’s … Read more

Copper Rain Chains for Your Home Decor

We love our copper rain chains!! Whenever we post videos of our rainchains on Facebook they go viral, and people want to know more about them, so we’re sharing some of that info and videos here for you. Topics Covered: Where can I buy rain chains? Where do the rain chains attach? Do the rain … Read more

Blue Hostas – a Popular Blue Perennial

Blue hosta

By Susan Coyle Minshall Gardeners and landscapers favor this lovely hosta plant with the bluish tint. Blue hostas come in all sizes and shapes but often the bigger the better for landscape accents. When it comes to the colors of perennial plants in the garden, blue is by far the most rare. What Makes Blue Hostas Blue? Blue … Read more