A Medicinal Protein Vegetable for Longevity We're really enjoying growing and using longevity spinach, aka, Gynura procumbens! There are so
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Do You Know the Types of Garlic? Ah, garlic. Garlic growers and connoisseurs know that there are three overarching types of
Eastern or Annual Daisy Fleabane - Erigeron annuus, Habitat That perky white wildflower with a yellow center that looks like
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Growing Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables on Patio, Deck and Balconies Want to grow your own vegetables or flowers, but have
Avocado-lovers have all been there—you bring avocados home only to discover a day or two later that they’ve ripened too
If you're wondering how to get rid of squash bugs naturally, chances are you either have them now, or have
If you want plant labels that last, here are DIY ideas for plant markers, from creative to practical garden markers

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