Edible Backyard Weeds You Can Eat

Don’t Spray Those Wild Weeds! Eat them instead!  Well, some of them! So many of the plants that we treat as pests in our lawns are both delicious and nutritious backyard edible weeds. If we were on a hike and saw a head of broccoli or kale, we’d know what that was and that we … Read more

Edible Ground Cover Plants to Foodscape Your Yard!

Function and Beauty with Benefits Often overlooked, ground cover plants are a worth considering for gardens, yards and landscapes. Unlike grass, ground cover plants not only beautify your yard and reduce maintenance, they can also be edible and medicinal! If you have dogs like we do, edible groundcovers are best planted outside the dog’s range. … Read more

How to Grow Tomatoes for Best Results

How to grow and pollinate tomatoes

Every gardener grows tomatoes. Even folks who don’t have the time or space for a garden, are growing tomatoes in pots on their patio or deck. So we’ll be looking at how to grow the best tomatoes from seeds and seedlings, as well as growing tomatoes in containers. We love tomatoes in pasta sauce, in salads, and salsas, … Read more

Natural Garden Weed Control that’s Free

Herbicide Free and Worm Friendly EDITOR’S NOTE: We needed a natural garden weed control that’s cheap, natural, organic and effective without harming the environment.  Now we know weeding can be therapeutic and even enjoyable. Gardeners tell us they find it relaxing or else stress relief for annoyances they may experience. Besides which, gardeners just want … Read more

Olla Pots – Clay Water Jug Garden Irrigation System

What is an olla pot? Generally pronounced as OI-yah, or OY-ya, but also as AW-yah, and olla in English as OH-lah, Olla pots have been in use for centuries. Olla pots are, sometimes spelled as “oya” because of the Spanish based origin of the word where a double “L” makes the “y” sound as in tortilla … Read more

A Gardener’s Guide to Using Garden Planters

Container gardening

Container gardening using garden planters provides flexibility and accessibility for growing all kinds of plants, including vegetables and flowers. Garden planters offer a convenient way for you to get growing. In fact, you can use them in virtually any garden space. Because of their flexible nature, you can use them in spaces varying from the tiniest … Read more

The Mallow Plant – a Return to Edible and Medicinal Roots

Marsh Mallow – the Prodigal Weed Wild edible and medicinal, the mallow plant, after which the marshmallow treat was named, comes from a large family of mallows. Called Malvaceae, the Mallow family includes okra, cottons and hibiscus, and you can certainly see the resemblance in the mallow flowers.  Every part of the marsh mallow plant, Althea officinalis, is … Read more

3 Ingredient Herbal Teas for Colds and Flu

Natural herbal remedies for cold and flu

Easy Herbal Remedies for When You’re Sick Gardeners eat healthier. It just goes hand-in-hand that anyone who gardens will be consuming some of the freshest and healthiest food on the planet on a regular basis. Many of us grow herbs in addition to vegetables, for flavor-enhancement to cooking. The added nutritional value is a huge … Read more

Easy Growing Culinary Herb Garden

Fresh Herbs add Zest to Cooking and Salads Growing a culinary herb garden is immensely rewarding and doesn’t require an especially green thumb. Home cooks, gardeners, and world-class chefs all prize culinary herbs as essential ingredients for the best food in the world.  Most kitchen herbs are simple to grow and can immediately transform simple foods … Read more

Fragrant Sweet Box – Sarcococoa Hookeriana var Humilis

As a member of the Boxwood (Buxacae) Family, the Sweet Box earns its common name. Our particular planting (Sarcococoa hookeriana var humilis) originates from the western slopes of the Himalayas. #Flowers #Ideas #Landscaping #Layout #Decorations #DIY #Containers #Planting #Tips #Beautiful #FrontYards #Beds #Aesthetic

Sweet Smelling, Shade Loving, Evergreen Groundcover On occasion, we step out of the garden patch and into our landscape to share with you some of our favorite plants. There’s a certain glossy green ground cover we perpetually ignore till this time of year. It’s well worth an introduction. Perhaps, the most surprising feature of the … Read more