Garden Newsletter: Split Tomatoes and Green Tomatoes

Our backyard garden looks pretty wild these days. The timed drip irrigation has really helped. We had to increase the watering frequencies given the scant rainfall these past two weeks. What’s that joke…? “It was so dry we saw two trees fighting over a dog.” 😄 Audio Article With these dry spells comes the prospect … Read more

Top Tools we use for Yard and Garden

Favorite garden tools at the ready

If you like geeking out on garden gadgets, then you might enjoy perusing some of our favorites. These top tools are items we use regularly… including one plant we’re actually using as a tool and more! Please let us know your faves and we’ll add them to this list (or a new one; as this … Read more

Permaculture Natural Gardening with Permaculture Methods

Natural gardening and back to Eden.

Permaculture Natural Gardening “Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted & thoughtful observation rather than protracted & thoughtless labour; of looking at plants & animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system.” Bill Mollison1) Mother Nature’s lead using the principles of permaculture natural gardening just … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Pruning Squash Plants and Garden Delights

Successful Squash Gardening Requires the Right Conditions If conditions permit, squash vines can yield abundance. Winter squash, if cured and stored properly, can be consumed right through the winter. Summer squash, like zucchini, can get so out of hand that your neighbors might close the blinds and lock the door when they see you coming … Read more

Garden Communities Built Around Gardening and Growing Food

garden communities

Garden Communities are a Growing Thing! We are loving this concept of garden communities! Bet you will too! Imagine seeing a growing trend of neighborhoods built around gardening! If you love golf, that’s great. But for gardeners, the idea of an entire neighborhood built around gardening instead of golf… a garden community, is not just inspiring, it’s … Read more

Garden Newsletter July 1: Powdery Mildew Treatment and Squash Vine Borer Control

Playing Catch up with Squash Vine Borer Control Sometimes with gardening, there’s the relatively steady ebb and flow. Daily, we survey our patch and sometimes discover a minor pest problem, handle it, and continue on. No big deal, right? Other times, such as this past week, it seems like playing a catch-up game of  “Whack-a … Read more

Children in the Garden Growing Memories that Last

children in the garden

Children Thrive in the Garden Kids and gardening go hand and hand… or hands-in-dirt! We’ve never seen a kid who didn’t love to play in the dirt. Heck… some of us big kids never grew out of that, right?!?  Children in the garden is as natural as peas in a pod and lessons from nature are … Read more

Natural Pest Control for Garden Pests

Organic Pest Control for Garden Bugs While some of our fellow gardeners are still waiting for the growing season to come around, we here in Zone 7A are full on! Our plants are coming along. We got them out early and nurtured them through some cold snaps and their leaves were so beautifully unblemished–for a … Read more

Garden Newsletter: Squash Bugs, Vine Borers and Hummingbirds

Summer Solstice Update We celebrated the passing of spring into summer and a much-needed rain by planting more tomatoes (transplants of Golden King Siberian and Potato Leaf Hillbilly), cukes (long green), and calendula flowers. There’s nothing like a good rain to welcome newly installed plantings. It also gave the garden in general a growth spurt. … Read more

Chili Pepper Art and a Sad Story Made Glad Through Gardening

Colorful Chili Peppers, Pepper Plant

Chili Peppers for Function, Food and Beauty If you love peppers and hot sauce, you’re not alone. Many people are big fans of hot chili peppers, from connoisseurs who swear they can tell a difference in the numerous types to those who go for the hottest of the hot and like to burn holes in … Read more