Birds That Eat Mosquitoes and Bad Garden Bugs

Eastern Bluebird eats mosquitoes

You can create a bird sanctuary for insectivorous birds that eat mosquitoes for natural pest control in the garden. While some birds can be a nuisance in the garden, birds are an essential part of a healthy garden ecosystem. We enjoy feeding birds in winter. Not only is it pleasurable to bird watch the local … Read more


Growing the Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree Will Give You Fragrant Blossoms and Delicious Fruit

You know when those wonderful catalogs roll into the mailbox in winter and you’re looking longingly at those dazzling photos of luscious plants? Well, we were drooling over the vivid pages and stopped at the dwarf Meyer lemon tree loaded with fruit. We wanted to get one, but wondered, do those dwarf citrus trees really produce … Read more


Lasagna Layered Garden Beds – No Dig, No Till Gardening Method

Forget your broad fork, turn off that tiller, and stop all that weeding! Layered garden beds, are a great option for simplifying gardening and solves some common gardening problems. GARDEN PEST TIP: Did you know that if slugs are a problem in your garden, manure will handle that? No Dig, No Till Garden Method Helps Save Your … Read more


Frugal Gardening Tips to Save Time and Money

Get more for less with a little planning. As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re always considering the value of our time and the return on investment ROI of our endeavors. So frugal gardening is an important part of our planting planning. A conversation with our plumber when we were having our well pump replaced, got our … Read more


How to Grow Chives – Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Chives

Growing Chives Herbs with purple flowers.

Chives for Beauty, Taste, and Health If you’re looking for information on how to grow chives, we’ve got the scoop on this unpretentious little herb. Chives are hardy perennials (they’ll come back each year without replanting) that are easy to grow, delicious added to foods, versatile, and beautiful in the yard or garden. The two … Read more


Tuscan Lacinato Kale: A Rising Star of Greens

tuscan lacinato kale

Plant lacinato kale in your garden, and you’ll have a win-win. Your gardening effort will earn you stunning, showy dark bluish-green to black foliage and a superfood that delivers optimal nutrition to your family. The flavor is milder, and many find it tastier than curly kale. But it still packs the same enormous nutritional punch. … Read more


Fragrant Sweet Box – Sarcococoa Hookeriana var Humilis

As a member of the Boxwood (Buxacae) Family, the Sweet Box earns its common name. Our particular planting (Sarcococoa hookeriana var humilis) originates from the western slopes of the Himalayas. #Flowers #Ideas #Landscaping #Layout #Decorations #DIY #Containers #Planting #Tips #Beautiful #FrontYards #Beds #Aesthetic

Sweet Smelling, Shade Loving, Evergreen Groundcover In spring, there’s a certain glossy green ground cover—the fragrant sweet box—that’s easy to overlook until this time of year. This evergreen ground cover is well worth an introduction. Perhaps, the most surprising feature of the Fragrant Sweet Box shrub is how such a pervasive fragrance can issue from … Read more


Wooden Rain Barrels vs Plastic Rain Barrels Pros and Cons

Plants Flourish with Rain Water Plants quenched with rainwater thrive more than those doused with tap water. Rain barrels are a great way to capture rainwater, and there are many options on the market today, from functional to artsy, folksy to plain. We have both, wooden rain barrels and plastic rain barrels, so in this … Read more


Chives vs. Green Onions vs. Scallions vs. Spring Onions – Is There a Difference?

If you’re confused about the difference between chives vs. green onions vs. scallions, or spring onions, you’re not alone. Confusion on plants often arises when there are multiple common names for the same plant. For that reason, it can be helpful to identify the scientific name for the plant in question, also called botanical or latin name. Green … Read more


Edible Hedges for Privacy and Food

We love the concept of edible landscapes. For years we've only planted for beauty and aesthetics, mainly because we live in the woods where it's been too shady for a full on vegetable garden. #LowMaintenance #FrontYard #Photography #Ideas #Backyard #AroundHouse #Design #Edging #DIY #EdibleShrubs #Plants #Garden #Nature

Eat That Hedge! We love the concept of edible hedges and landscapes toward expanding food options. There are many plants that are both ornamental edible, and also medicinal. The best of both worlds of beauty and function. For years we’ve only planted for beauty and aesthetics, mainly because we live in the woods where it’s … Read more