Spiralized Zucchini Recipes and the Simplest Way to Use Veggie Noodles

We are still loving this cool kitchen gadget, the Spiralizer, and can’t wait for the abundant zucchini harvest to roll in! When it’s time for summer squash harvest bonanza, or, if you’re just looking to create healthier but delicious dishes, spiralized zucchini recipes are the way to go for delicious pasta using healthy, low-cal veggie noodles. … Read more

Goji Berry Benefits for Health

You want to take the little red berry? … Unlike the red pill/blue pill in the classic film, The Matrix, the blueberry also has loads of benefits. But today we’re focusing on the incredible health benefits of the little red Goji berry, how to grow them, and use them in cooking! Related Trivia: In case you’re wondering, it’s … Read more

Fire Cider Benefits and Recipes

A Shot a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Well… maybe. It sounds good and we’re all familiar with the old axiom of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We all also understand that while it’s not literal, there is wisdom there, because apples are a delightful nutritious food that’s readily available. Expanding on … Read more

Cucamelon – the Cutest Little Exotic Vegetable

Cucamelons are also known as: Mexican Sour Gherkin Mouse Melon Mexican Cucumber Sandita (Central American name, meaning little watermelon) Well, here it is summer and it’s a joy to see our gardening efforts paying off with loads of produce, particularly in the squash, cucumber and tomato departments. Last year, we published an article on a rather … Read more

Blueberry Soil pH and Acidity

growing blueberries,

When it comes to blueberries, few things are better than picking blueberries fresh from your own garden and popping them straight into your mouth! Blueberry pancakes are pretty high on the list though. ? Blueberries are an amazing, delicious and nutritious superfood, but these days, they’re also quite expensive to buy. One of the reasons blueberries … Read more

6 Edible Flowers for Beauty, Food and Medicine

Did you eat that parsley garnish the last time it was served when you dined out? Gardeners know to eat that garnish for it’s potent vitamin C as well as to freshen the breath after a meal.

If eating flowers sounds weird to you, you’re not alone. Most of us don’t grow up eating flowers… or do we? Well, if you eat broccoli, cauliflower and/or artichokes, then yes… you’ve eaten flowers! 1) But there are so many other edible flowers we can eat as well. It’s really just a matter of what we’re used … Read more