Turn That Old Swimming Pool into a Backyard Garden

If you’re wondering what to do with an old swimming pool, and are interested in gardening, we’ve got some intriguing ideas to consider. Whether your old swimming pool is a kiddie pool, an above ground style, or an in-ground concrete pool, these can become ready made garden beds! We’re MOST enthralled with the garden pool … Read more


Pollinator Flowers for Bees – The Blooms and the Bees

Pollinator Flowers for Bees and Butterflies - Daisy Chrysanthemums - image by Shannon's Sweet Tooth Farm on GardensAll.com #PollinatorFlowersForBees #FlowersForBees #FlowersForPollinators #PlantsFor Pollinators #GardensAll.com

Learning about pollinator flowers for bees is an intriguing discovery into their codependent relationship and how we can help. Blooms and Bees – A Love Story Blooms and bees have cooperated with each other for as long as they’ve been here.  They need each other.  The flower needs the bee, as well as other pollinators, … Read more


Frugal Gardening Tips to Save Time and Money

Get more for less with a little planning. As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re always considering the value of our time and the return on investment ROI of our endeavors. So frugal gardening is an important part of our planting planning. A conversation with our plumber when we were having our well pump replaced, got our … Read more


Plantain – Plantago Major and Plantago Lanceolata

Plantain, AKA Plantago, is an edible and medicinal plant and one of the best weeds for food and medicine. Don’t kill that weed!

A Wild Medicinal Edible to Know and Grow Don’t kill that weed! Plantago Major is an edible and medicinal plant and one of the best weeds for food and medicine. Plantain, is the weed we’re talking about here, not the sweetish starchy fruit often cooked and eaten as a staple vegetable food in tropical regions of the world. … Read more


A Garden Storage Shed – Build It or Buy It?

garden shed, wood garden shed

Considerations for Building vs. Buying a Garden Storage Shed You can store your garden tools in a corner of the garage or basement if you have one. But a garden storage shed close to the garden is super handy. We know gardeners are a handy bunch who enjoy DIY projects too, so we found a … Read more


How to Make Rustic Log Furniture

Got wood? Make stuff! We love the look of natural wood decor, so we’ve included some how to make rustic log furniture videos in this short article. We’d love to see what your making — or what you make if you take on any of these projects. Living in the woods as we do, there’s … Read more


How To Make Dandelion Tea from Roots, Flowers and Leaves

Dandelion tea

Far from being a nuisance weed, dandelion is a fantastic plant with many health benefits. It’s easy to grow and learning how to make dandelion tea, salads, wine and more will turn you into a dandelion crusader rather than a dandelion hater! The botanical name of the common dandelion is, Taraxacum officinale, in the asteraceae … Read more


Chives vs. Green Onions vs. Scallions vs. Spring Onions – Is There a Difference?

If you’re confused about the difference between chives vs. green onions vs. scallions, or spring onions, you’re not alone. Confusion on plants often arises when there are multiple common names for the same plant. For that reason, it can be helpful to identify the scientific name for the plant in question, also called botanical or latin name. Green … Read more


Epsom Salt for Plants and People

Epsom salts for plants, especially beneficial for roses, tomatoes and peppers. #EpsomSaltForPlants #EpsomSaltForRoses #EpsomSaltUses #WhatIsEpsomSalt #EpsomSaltBenefits

Epsom Salts – for More than Aches, Pains, and Detox! Most commonly thought of as a healing remedy for soaking tired feet or a hot restorative bath, Epsom salt does far more than that. More than therapeutic benefits for people, Epsom salt for plants can be a wonderful supplement in your garden.   Life style hacker, self-experimenter and … Read more


Rain Gutter Garden Ideas for Vertical Gardening

Limited Garden Space? Grow Vertical! Conserving resources, reusing and repurposing—aka, upcycling—just makes sense, and gardeners tend to be really good at this. So we really like the idea of using of old gutters for rain gutter gardens whenever you have the available. You can create a vertical garden out of salvaged pieces of rain gutter, … Read more