The Family Farm – a Return to Heritage

Erin Southwood was practically raised in the garden. Her family had an urban garden when she was growing up and her grandparents had a family farm. So it was a natural fit for Erin to have a garden in her small urban yard. Many of us can relate to the following statement, (just substitute the word … Read more


Natural Gardening with Permaculture Methods

Natural gardening and back to Eden.

Permaculture Natural Gardening The principles of permaculture natural gardening follows Mother Nature’s lead. It just makes sense for the best longterm sustainable growing plan for the healthiest food and yard and garden ecosystem. What’s good for us and our garden’s ecosystem is also good for the planet. “Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than … Read more


Winter Composting and Healthy Soil Microbes

If you thought your garden chores were at a virtual standstill with winter, you’ll want to read on. There are a few important things you can do toward nourishing your garden even now by attending to your winter composting. Keep Your Microbes Warm! Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich humus to your garden … Read more


Growing Kale – One of the Best Superfoods

Popeye Should’ve Eaten Kale! If you aren’t already growing kale, try it! Not only is kale beautiful, delicious and nutritious, it can also be decorative. Ornamental kale is a beautiful addition to HOA restricted edible landscapes as well. There are many different types of kale and its close cousin, the cabbage. Ornamental kale and ornamental … Read more


An Urban Homestead Growing 7,000 Pounds on 1/10th Acre

A Story of What’s Possible If you’d love to farm, but don’t yet have the land, take heart. It’s proven possible to create an urban homestead on less than 1/4 acre of land when you swap grass for food. Now gardening is work. This is not about an easy way to make money or to … Read more


Garden Ideas for a Small Backyard

Have you created your own garden oasis? Coming up with garden Ideas for a small spaces is so much fun! Small gardens are great places to pour a lot of attention to detail and also create thematic gardens, such as a fairy or gnome garden, herb gardens, zen gardens, specialty plants, herbs, flowers and rock … Read more


How to Grow Kaffir Lime Tree from Cuttings

Propagate Plants from Cuttings – 4 Minute Guide to Clones and Cloning Propagating and growing a kaffir lime tree from cuttings is actually simple and easy. Nature is so cool! It’s so easy to grow one plant and from that plant’s seeds or stalks, to propagate an endless supply of more. Plant propagation can produce … Read more


NASA’s Space Veggies Helps Growth on Earth

What many people don’t realize is that NASA does so much more for us than just exploring planets. NASA veggies in space is actually aiding food growing techniques and production a home. NASA research has led to the development of many things that we use in our daily lives, from aluminum foil to certain types of cancer … Read more


How to Build a Cold Frame Greenhouse

If you’re looking for ways to extend your growing season, a cold frame greenhouse may be the thing. We’ve pulled together a few ideas of different types of easy to build cold frames. These include step by step instructions for building a cold frame greenhouse using old windows plus a how-to video for building a … Read more


Homemade Decongestant and Cough Remedy

A Natural Decongestant that’s Fast and Simple If you’re like us, you’d rather seek natural remedies like a homemade decongestant before taking chemical cold, cough and flu medicines. We use natural remedies whenever possible and only take pharmaceutical cough syrups and decongestants, as a last resort because we’ve found them to have unpleasant after effects. In … Read more