Lessons from the Garden are Lessons for Life

Thanks to contributing writer, Shannon for sharing her lessons from the garden with us. I think we can all relate! Lessons from the Garden and the Greatest Tool of All By Shannon DeAnna Schofield EEEEEKKK!!!  The seed catalogs are in and I could not be more excited! Gardeners, farmers, flower enthusiast, newbies, and wannabes alike … Read more


Seed Saving and Storing for Best Results

saving seeds, seed storage

Seed saving and storing is an annual ritual for many gardeners and heirloom seeds are a family tradition passed down through the generations. There’s something really special about planting seeds that came from generations before us. Seed saving is another form of family legacy to pass down with each generation growing good crops from proven … Read more


A Desk Garden for Office Plants and Indoor Gardening Trends

desk garden plants

Plants immediately add life and vitality to an office desk. We love the idea of displaying more than ornamentals though. What if you grew your lunch and snacks at work in and on an office desk garden?! It’s inspiring and gratifying to see so many creative ideas and a burgeoning market of new products that … Read more


How to Store Carrots Plus Carrot Nutrition and Recipes

Protect Your Harvest and Make it Last When the abundant carrot harvest rolls in, it’s time to process them. But how to store carrots to last as long as possible? With proper preparation and storage your carrots can last for months and see you to the next harvest if you’re planting two crops per year. … Read more


Fuyu Persimmons – the Best Tasting Persimmons to Grow

best persimmons, fuyu persimmon

But wait… persimmons Taste awful, right..? Yes and no. We’ll sort that out here. Bottom line? Fuyu persimmons are the best tasting persimmons to grow, and the most resilient! Also known as Fuyugaki, Diospyros kaki, Fuyu persimmons account for approximately 80% of the persimmon market. Not only is the fuyu persimmon tree a strong growing … Read more


Hugelkultur Bed – the Best Raised Garden for Low Maintenance

Hugelkultur Beds - Raised garden beds the natural, permaculture way. Image from Sepp Holzer #Hugelkultur #RaisedGardenBeds #Permaculture #FallGardening #NaturalGardening

Wood Rot for Your Raised Garden Plot What’s a hugelkultur bed, when would you use it, and how do you say it anyway? Pronounced something like: Hoogle-culture, this centuries old method of raised garden beds, has migrated to the west and been eagerly adopted by permaculture fans and those with problem soil and terrain. Who tends nature’s … Read more


Growing Lemon Balm, Uses and Harvesting

Growing Lemon Balm

Growing lemon balm, Melissa officinalis, is a lemon scented mint that has gained popularity as people search for a more natural lifestyle. With ample benefits this mint has an appealing zingy, citrusy flavor. If you’re not quite sure how to grow, use, harvest, and enjoy this hardy and prolific herb, don’t worry. With a little … Read more


Homemade Ginger Ale with Real Ginger for Taste and Health

Homemade Ginger Ale - a delicious beverage with benefits. #HomemadeGingerAle #DIYGingerale #HealthySodas #GingerHealthBenefits #GingerDrink

The Real Ginger Ale Homemade ginger ale can be such a refreshing—and healthy—beverage, especially if you make your own using fresh ginger root. It tastes much better and more real than most on the market today. Beyond that, homemade ginger ale provides some of the health benefits of ginger root. Store Bought Ginger Ale Can’t Compare … Read more


Garden Memes, Quotes and Sayings to Nurture Your Gardener’s Soul

A quote is like a seed to a plant. The original seed idea can grow into so much more, so here we’re sharing some of our favorite garden memes (quotes on images). We hope you enjoy them, and please send us your favorites and finds and we’ll add them here. At the end of the … Read more


How to Get Rid of Pincher Bugs / Earwigs Naturally

EARWIGS - AKA - PINCHER BUGS: How to get rid of earwigs and pincher bugs NATURALLY? #PincherBugs #Earwigs #HowToGetRidOfEarwigs #HowToGetRidOfPincherBugs #NaturalPestControlPincherBugs #NaturalRemedyEarwigs

Ew! Earwigs! If you’ve got them, and yet you don’t want to use poison, you may be wondering how to get rid of pincher bugs and earwigs naturally. Earwigs look wicked and they CAN pinch enough to break the skin, they’re not otherwise harmful or dangerous to humans. In fact, they’re more likely to scurry … Read more