Types of Garlic and How to Grow and Harvest Garlic

Do You Know the Types of Garlic? Ah, garlic. Garlic growers and connoisseurs know that there are three overarching types of garlic. These are softneck, hardneck and elephant garlic. Softneck garlic Hardneck garlic Elephant garlic In this article you’ll not only learn more about the types of garlic, but also how to grow garlic as well … Read more


Consider Growing Catnip for Mosquito Repellent and Medicinal Benefits

cats on catnip

Catnip is for people too, with many uses and benefits. Everyone knows that most cats love catnip, but fewer realize that catnip is not just for cats. In fact, growing catnip is a good idea, even if you don’t have cats! Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a delightful, soothing and medicinally beneficial herb for humans too! So … Read more


Edible Backyard Weeds You Can Eat

Don’t Spray Those Wild Weeds! Eat them instead!  Well, some of them! So many of the plants that we treat as pests in our lawns are both delicious and nutritious backyard edible weeds. If we were on a hike and saw a head of broccoli or kale, we’d know what that was and that we … Read more


3 Ingredient Herbal Teas for Colds and Flu

Natural herbal remedies for cold and flu

Easy Herbal Remedies for When You’re Sick Gardeners eat healthier. It just goes hand-in-hand that anyone who gardens will be consuming some of the freshest and healthiest food on the planet on a regular basis. Many of us grow herbs in addition to vegetables, for flavor-enhancement to cooking. The added nutritional value is a huge … Read more


Herbal Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Herbal Remedies in Your Kitchen Cabinet Learn how to make home remedies for cold and flu using kitchen cabinet herbs. We make fire cider and also cover herbs for arthritis and more! Jennifer Capestany is a contributing expert writer, for GardensAll.com. An avid gardener, growing as much of her own food as possible, Jennifer is … Read more


Best Immune Boosting Herbs for Colds and Flu

Helpful Herbs for Immunity and When the Bug’s Got You Down Each season has its share of colds and flus, with an apparent concentration of this in winter months. Indoor climates—such as schools, office buildings, and other public spaces—expose us to a greater concentrations of germs. The combination of less fresh air, and dramatic temperature and weather fluctuations can … Read more


Natural Antifungal Herb Remedies for Candida

Fungal Rashes – The Fungus Among Us It lurks in locker room showers, and piles of used towels.  It creeps in garden soil and borrowed shoes.  It even exists in the very air that we breathe and every surface we touch. Fungus!  Waiting to infect us with unspeakable rashes that can be hard to cure. … Read more