Types of Garlic and How to Grow and Harvest Garlic

Do You Know the Types of Garlic? Ah, garlic. Garlic growers and connoisseurs know that there are three overarching types of garlic. These are softneck, hardneck and elephant garlic. Softneck garlic Hardneck garlic Elephant garlic In this article you’ll not only learn more about the types of garlic, but also how to grow garlic as well … Read more


Natural Antifungal Herbs – Remedies for Candida

ANTIFUNGAL HERBS and NATURAL REMEDIES for CANDIDA include calendula flowers and more. #AntifungalHerbs #NaturalRemedies #Calendula

Fungal Rashes – The Fungus Among Us Antifungal herbs are growing in popularity as more people look for natural remedies for all kinds of health issues. Fungus lurks everywhere. It’s in locker room showers, and piles of used towels.  It creeps in garden soil and borrowed shoes.  It even exists in the very air we … Read more


Best Herbs for Cold, Flu and Immunity

Herbs for Cold and Flu, immunity and prevention. Herbs and plants are nature's pharmacy... the original natural medicine. #HealingHerbs #NaturalRemedies #HerbsForColdAndFlu #HerbalRemedies @NaturalHealing #PreventiveMedicine

Natural Remedies and Immunity Boosting Herbs Now more than ever, we need to bolster immunity through natural remedies. Herbs for cold and flu along with eating vibrant garden-fresh foods whenever possible is the best preventive medicine. Instead of a medicine cabinet full of pharmaceuticals, my family always has drawers, jars and boxes full of herbs for … Read more


Consider Growing Catnip for Mosquito Repellent and Medicinal Benefits

cats on catnip

Catnip is for people too, with many uses and benefits. Everyone knows that most cats love catnip, but fewer realize that catnip is not just for cats. In fact, growing catnip is a good idea, even if you don’t have cats! Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a delightful, soothing and medicinally beneficial herb for humans too! So … Read more


Edible Backyard Weeds You Can Eat

Don’t Spray Those Wild Weeds! Eat them instead!  Well, some of them! So many of the plants that we treat as pests in our lawns are both delicious and nutritious backyard edible weeds. If we were on a hike and saw a head of broccoli or kale, we’d know what that was and that we … Read more


Herbal Teas for Cold and Flu – Remedies to Grow and Make

Natural herbal remedies for cold and flu

At the first hint of illness, we go to our herbal tea drawer. There are a number of good herbal teas for cold and flu that you can buy or easily make at home. Gardeners eat healthier. It just goes hand-in-hand that anyone who gardens will be consuming some of the freshest and healthiest food … Read more


Easy Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Natural Remedies in Your Kitchen Cabinet Learn how to make home remedies for cold and flu using kitchen cabinet herbs. We make fire cider and also cover herbs for arthritis and more! Jennifer Capestany is a contributing expert writer, for GardensAll.com. An avid gardener, growing as much of her own food as possible, Jennifer is … Read more