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Calendula Salve – Healing Relief for Dry Skin and Inflammation

By contributing writer, Jane Seeley

Calendula Salve is easy to make!

Salves are quite easy to make as compared to lotions and creams which usually require an oil and liquid phase combined in various formulas. Calendula salve, on the other hand, is easily accomplished with your calendula infused oil and beeswax. Once you have prepared calendula infused oil, you are ready to make your salve! Following is a very simple basic recipe for healing calendula salve.

Calendula Salve


  • 1 cup calendula infused oil (buy or make your own)
  • 1 ounce beeswax (bars or pellets)
  • 15-18 drops lavender essential oil (optional)
  • Containers for the salve

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Begin by using clean utensils.

  1. Chop the beeswax up or use the beeswax pastilles and place them in the top of a double boiler along with the prepared calendula infused oil.
  2. Stir and heat over medium to low until all the beeswax has melted being careful not to let the oil get too hot, just enough heat to melt the beeswax.
  3. Remove from the heat.
  4. Add the lavender oil if using.
  5. Carefully pour the melted product into containers.

You may use any size sterile container for your product – four 4 ounce containers, eight 2 ounce containers, or smaller. I prefer the one or two ounce containers as I keep the finished product in a cool dark place, often the refrigerator, until I am ready to use it. You can also make half this recipe.


You can use 3/4 cup of calendula infused oil and 1/4 cup of coconut oil in your salve and up to one ounce of beeswax. Depending on how hard a salve you want, you may want to add less beeswax since the coconut oil will thicken the final product.

Trial and error will help you find the best consistency for you.

Frankly, it is trial and error with finding the consistency you like. Like when testing for the gel phase in making jam, you can put a small amount of the melted product on a spoon and put it in the freezer for a minute or two to test for consistency. It is really a matter of personal preference.

Add more oil for a softer product or more beeswax to make it harder.

We need to take our own photo next time we make it. Meanwhile, sharing this delightful image from the Jan Berry, For more info and uses of calendula oil and salve, visit with Jan. 1)

Calendula salve Image by Jan Berry, of

While your salve can be stored in a cool dark place, I use the refrigerator if I know I will not be using it for a while. Even when in use, take care not to expose the containers to extreme heat and sun.

Calendula salve, made from calendula infused oil can be used on the skin for cuts, abrasions, eczema, bee stings, and other conditions. Soothing, easy to use, calendula salve makes a great addition to any medicine cabinet as well. It can also be used on the skin daily for conditioning.

You can read more on the benefits of calendula in this article. Or this article on making calendula oil.

Bee Well, Bee Happy, take good care of yourself!

Jane Seeley, gardener, photographer, writer

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