Make Money Farming from Home

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Yes you can make money farming. Easy, not usually. Market gardeners, like most entrepreneurs and farmers, put in many hours of work each day. In fact it’s common for small business owners to work more hours in their business than they ever did working for others. When you’re doing work you love, it doesn’t feel … Read more


Plant Old Seeds or Buy New Ones?

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Germinating and planting old seeds can save you time and money. Yeah… I know, the new Garden Seed catalogues have arrived and they are so darned alluring!  I had to restrain myself and take a step back to reflect. We get it. It’s a lot more tempting to peruse glossy new seed catalogs with glamorous … Read more


Calculating Mulch, Free Sources and Wood Chippers

Mulch it! We’ve looked at the pros and cons, costs and variables, of wood chippers versus buying loads of mulch. We cover free sources for mulch, a mulch calculator and more here, including what to beware of, especially when importing mulch loads from elsewhere. There are many differing opinions on which mulch constitutes the best … Read more


Specialty Crops to Grow for Profit

Interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan’s Garden Beyond his medial degree, Dr. Thomas Cowan has a tremendous wealth and breadth of knowledge on nature, nutrition and the life of plants. If you’re interested in growing for profit, you might enjoy the video interview where Dr. Cowan, talks about in-demand specialty crops for growers to consider. We … Read more


Best Pomegranate Deseeder Tool for Pomegranate Season

pomegranate shrub

The Potent Pomegranate What’s your favorite pomegranate deseeder method? We tried this pomegranate tool. It’s cool and probably more efficient that we are at deseeding pomegranates. However we found the main advantage is that it keeps the splatters and juice more contained. We knew that pomegranate, Punica granatum, was delicious and nutritious. But wow! We … Read more


Are Poinsettias Poisonous?

are poinsettias poisonous, are poinsettias poisonous to dogs,

Poinsettias, (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are the favorite flowering Christmas time plants to gift and receive. So December is the time of year that more people are wondering: “Are Poinsettias Poisonous?” However, this appears to be a case of guilty by association or misidentification. Poinsettias may be a bit of an irritant but there’s no evidence to … Read more


Best Back Massager – Massage Cushion Review

hoMedics back massager

Best Back Massager for Chairs Gardeners need TLC to match all that tender loving care you dole out to your garden each year! Gardening is good exercise in fresh air, but a good back massager comes in really handy to minimize the aches and pains, especially from all the bending over, digging, raking, planting, weeding … Read more


Growing Blackberries for Profit

The Accidental Blackberry Farmer It’s not unusual for an interest to turn into a business. That’s what happened to Robert Hays of Hays Berry Farm. Bob loved growing blackberries, and a gift of 6 blackberry plants in 1999, was the beginning of growing blackberries for profit. Today, Bob Hays has a 10,000+ blackberry farm in Dumas, … Read more


How to Make Black Garlic

Wow! Have you tried black garlic? It has an awesome flavor so we’ve been researching and talking to folks know how to make black garlic and now we’re sharing it here with you too. Now you probably already know about the amazing health benefits of garlic, right? For more on the health benefits of black … Read more


Turn Your Backyard Garden into an Urban Farm

Got Yard? Farm it! When it comes to farming, most people think of acres of land and row upon row of single crops. Even when it comes to gardening, many people think they need at least an acre or a large field. But the urban farm is shifting that paradigm. Today, there are an increasing … Read more