Best Back Massager – Massage Cushion Review

hoMedics back massager

Best Back Massager for Chairs Gardeners need TLC to match all that tender loving care you dole out to your garden each year! Gardening is good exercise in fresh air, but a good back massager comes in really handy to minimize the aches and pains, especially from all the bending over, digging, raking, planting, weeding … Read more

Best Air Cookers for Oil-free Cooking – Are they worth it?

Air Fryer, Oil-Less Cooker or Air Cooker?   Though the names are used interchangeably, we think “Air Cooker” is the most descriptive term because these oil-less cookers don’t only “fry” foods… nor are they only “oil less”. They also cook foods similar to a roaster depending on the recipe and the settings you use. Whatever name … Read more

Night Blooming Cereus – Queen of the Night Flower

“Cereus-ly” Worth the Wait The Night Blooming Cereus is a wonderful, mysteriously elegant desert plant. Lady Cereus, also goes by the names of Queen of the Night, Christ in Manger, Dance of Night and Orchid Cactus. We haven’t yet grown this lovely lady-in-waiting ourselves yet, but several in our community are growing them and have … Read more

Cucumber Water with Lemon and Mint

cucumber water, fruit waters

Cucumber Water Benefits and Recipes Botanical Name: Cucumis sativusCucumber in Spanish: Pepino I remember the first time I had cucumber water. We checked into a hotel in Oregon and there was a lovely large urn at the front desk with cucumber and lemon floating in it. We were tired and thirsty after a long trip … Read more

Birds That Eat Mosquitoes and Bad Garden Bugs

Eastern Bluebird eats mosquitoes

You can create a bird sanctuary for insectivore birds that eat mosquitoes for natural pest control in the garden. While some birds can be a nuisance in the garden, others are an essential part of a healthy garden ecosystem. We enjoy feeding birds in winter. Not only is it pleasurable to bird watch the local … Read more

Plant Labels and Garden Markers from Used, Old and Broken Things

Gardeners tend to be a frugal and crafty bunch. It just seems that gardening and do-it-yourself projects go hand in hand. We don’t like to be wasteful and throw out something that could be reused, so we enjoy sharing the creativity and ingenuity of crafty DIY Gardeners, such as these creative plant labels for garden markers. Recycle, … Read more

Starting a Landscape Gardening Business is a Growing Thing

Here’s a Business Idea Ready to Bloom From Landscaping to “Foodscaping”, the modern idea of what a front yard should look like is changing. As people become increasingly interested in growing edibles, today’s landscapers will need to learn how to run a gardening business to stay on the leading edge of consumer interests. Lawns are Lovely, but… … Read more

Children in the Garden Growing Memories that Last

children in the garden

Children Thrive in the Garden Kids and gardening go hand and hand… or hands-in-dirt! We’ve never seen a kid who didn’t love to play in the dirt. Heck… some of us big kids never grew out of that, right?!?  Children in the garden is as natural as peas in a pod and lessons from nature are … Read more

Rugosa Rose Bush – Growth, Benefits and Uses

The rugosa rose bush is a stout and ferocious grower that can fend for herself. Sometimes written as rosa rugosa, rugoso and regosa, no matter how you spell it or say it, this bush is one prolific shrub with tremendous benefits. She’s got her liabilities too, but far more on the plus side. So let’s … Read more

How to Make Black Garlic

Wow! We’ve just learned about the awesome flavor and health benefits to black garlic! So we’ve been researching and talking to folks who know how to make black garlic and now we’re sharing it here with you too. Now you probably already know about the amazing health benefits of garlic, right? For more on the … Read more