Copper Rain Chains for Your Home Decor

We love our copper rain chains!! Whenever we post videos of our rainchains on Facebook they go viral, and people want to know more about them, so we’re sharing some of that info and videos here for you. Topics Covered: Where can I buy rain chains? Where do the rain chains attach? Do the rain … Read more

What do Toads Eat in the Garden?

And What do Frogs Eat? Is it the same? We love seeing frogs, toads and turtles in and around our yard and garden. In fact, we even have a frog, toad and turtle relocation plan. Whenever we see these amphibians and turtles in or around our property, especially when they’re in the road, we move … Read more

A Compost Tea Recipe and How-to Video

Care for a “cup of rosy” for your posies? Your plants will love “tea time” when it’s organic compost tea, aka liquid fertilizer! Really, if you wish to increase the health and productivity of your plants, compost tea will give them a huge boost! Liquid organic compost tea will make your plants more disease and … Read more

Olla Pots – Clay Water Jug Garden Irrigation System

What is an olla pot? Generally pronounced as OI-yah, or OY-ya, but also as AW-yah, and olla in English as OH-lah, Olla pots have been in use for centuries. Olla pots are, sometimes spelled as “oya” because of the Spanish based origin of the word where a double “L” makes the “y” sound as in tortilla … Read more

Food as Medicine and Fuel for Health and Vitality

Foods can cause disease… or foods can cure disease. Animals in the wild tend to know innately, which foods to eat and which to avoid. They also tend to know which foods to consume to help heal. In modernity humans tend to be removed from this instinctual knowledge. This is just something that happens when … Read more

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – a Story from the Garden

You know how it is in the garden. Birds singing, surrounded by nature’s blessings of abundance and resiliency… and time to think. This time those garden musings sprouted into a story inspired by the old quote about ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’, which we’ll get to in a minute. We hope you enjoy it, but first … Read more

Homemade Probiotics – Powerful Medicine from Your Garden

The Homely Cabbage Transforms into a Super Food For pennies on the dollar, you can turn your garden cabbage into a virtual miracle medicine. This is a “medicine” that should be in every refrigerator. We’re big on prevention, and sauerkraut has top shelf in our health chest. The bad news: most store bought sauerkrauts do … Read more

A Backyard She Shed Project for Wilma

Last year … when ”she sheds“ were all the rage. 87 year old Wilma Renshaw decided she wanted a backyard shed… or something close. She already had a darling little “cottage” with a loft, but it wasn’t quite big enough for her to have a place to do her art projects and restorations. “I wanted … Read more

Grapefruit Seed Extract for Disinfectant

When we shared an article on dandelions for food, tea and medicine, GardensAll Facebook community member, Olive Bolivar shared this great information on grapefruit seed extract or oil as a natural and safe disinfectant. The main difference between the grapefruit seed extract versus grapefruit seed oil is that the extract is concentrated and the oil is … Read more

Best Food Dehydrators for Drying Your Garden Harvest

Humans have been preserving food for eons. Since before 12,000 B.C. according to archaeological findings. Ancient humans preserved food through sun and wind in temperate climates and through freezing in colder climates. Canning, which is the most common preservation method of our times, is the most modern method of food preservation.1) Adibatic is the term for … Read more